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Everything else for the camera not related to support (tripods, stabilizers etc.), such as remote lens controllers, matte boxes, filters, O.B. lights, monitors and much more.

The Odyssey7Q and Sony FS700 Tests

Originally posted on Dashwood Cinema SolutionsI was very excited last week to hear that Convergent Design had finally released the highly-anticipated firmware update for the Odyssey7Q that added ProRes422 and 4K RAW recording.  I’ve been a proud owner of the…

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What Alexa and Watercolors Have in Common

Ever wonder how a company’s background and philosophy affects product development? Let me tell you a little something about Arri and Alexa… I’m a geek. I read cinematography, videography and color textbooks for fun. I’m awful at math so I…

Review: Zacuto Z-Finder EVF

Accessories don’t get no respect. Zacuto’s Z-Finder EVF is a perfect example: it’s a dinky little 3.2″, 800×480 LCD monitor in a lumpy plastic case that looks like something RED’s mechanical designers would make if they worked for Fisher-Price. To…

Review: Blackmagic Cinema & Pocket Cinema Cameras

REDs for the rest of us? The $1995 Blackmagic Cinema Camera and $995 Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera are interchangeable-lens, single-sensor cameras with raw recording capability, capturing wide-dynamic-range, log-encoded images to CinemaDNG files. They also record ProRes422(HQ) and (for the Cinema…

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Quick Look: Ikan D7w portable display with waveform monitoring

Ikan’s D7w is a 7” field monitor with SDI and HDMI inputs, 1080p compatibility, and a variety of useful display modes: false color, clipping guide, pixel-for-pixel mode, focus peaking, waveform monitor (WFM), RGB parade, vectorscope, and more. At a mere $1300, it looks like an incredible bargain. Is it? I took the plunge; here‘s what I found. Ikan showed an interesting lineup of affordable, good-looking monitors at NAB 2013. At Cine Gear Expo LA 2013 in early June, they were offering several of those monitors at show-special prices. I took a punt on a D7w, which had been enticing me since NAB: I’m in need of a decent set of engineering ‘scopes for HD work, and the D7w looked like a great way to get ‘em on the cheap.

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Review: MTF Lens Mount Adapter

Over the past few years, many companies have brought to market lens mount adapters. Some of these adapters are simply machined rings that allow for one type of lens’ flanges to fit onto another manufacturer’s camera body. Most of these…

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Zacuto Canon C100 Z-Finder NAB Update

Las Vegas, Tuesday, April 9, 2013 — Zacuto announced their Canon EOS Cinema C100 Z-Finder here this week and displayed a prototype but actual product delivery is at least four weeks away. According to Zacuto, they are waiting on a…