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DV Articles: Various Aspects of Preproduction,
Production and Postproduction for Digital Video

These articles represent only the beginning of what will become the core of DVInfo.Net; many more are in preparation and will be added very soon.

Digital Video Buyer's Guides

Tips for Attending the NAB Trade Show
Scott Anderson offers some sage advice on how to get the best out of your NAB trade show experience.
How to Not Get Scammed on Ebay
Take heed and follow these simple steps provided by Dylan Couper to identify and avoid various crooks who mis-use the Ebay online auction site.

Using Video in Business Models

The Independent Video Producer
Dylan Couper reviews and evaluates this 1999 book by Bob Jacobs which explains how to establish your own video production business.
The Ultimate Video Deposition Skinny, Part One
Litigation attorney Paul Tauger discusses the mission-critical do's and don'ts of deposition videography with expert advice from years of experience with video in legal applications.
The Ultimate Video Deposition Skinny, Part Two
Paul Tauger continues with more guidelines for producing video depositions, including equipment reccomendations, how to find video deposition work and more.
Using Video On The Stage
In his job as Director of Design and Technology at the Opera Company of Philadelphia, Boyd Ostroff has had the opportunity to explore the use of digital video on large screens in several of his productions.

Panasonic P2 / P2HD Articles

P2 Workflow Guide for Adobe Premiere Pro CS3
Adobe Premiere Pro 3.1 introduces support for Panasonic P2 cameras. This means that native ingest, editing and output of content are all possible. This document describes the workflow and advantages of using Adobe Premiere Pro with Panasonic P2 content.
P2 Info Net Resources Index
P2 Card Capacities
Focus Enhancements FireStore DV File Converter Pro
VariZoom Focus / Iris Controls for AG-HVX200

Camcorder Accessories

Review: nNovia QuickCapture HD and Small Camera Mount
Josh Chesarek called nNovia directly to make sure about the NTFS support and the devices ability to capture long takes without breaking up a file. He bought the QC HD 120 and shares his thoughts about it.
FireStore FS-4 DTE Recorder Test Results
Chris Kamilar recorded with the FS-4 and with a tape at the same time on separate cameras, took all the video into an NLE, aligned the two different sources to see if they stayed in sync, looking for dropped frames.
Bebob Zoe DV-Lanc Remote Lens Controller, 2004
Ken Tanaka examines a more recent version of this small, handy zoom & focus controller, equipped with a feathered zoom rocker, switchable focus modes and more.
Bebob Zoe DV-Lanc Remote Lens Controller, 2003
Ken Tanaka examines an earlier version of this small, handy zoom & focus controller, equipped with a feathered zoom rocker, switchable focus modes and more.
VariZoom VZ-Rock Remote Lens Controller
Ken Tanaka takes a close look at VariZoom's stylish new compact VZ-Rock, their first to have a feathered zoom rocker, plus many other useful features.
VariZoom VZ-Pro-LX Remote Lens Controller
Yet another superb DV camcorder zoom and focus controller from VariZoom Lens Controls, this time with some enhanced features, reviewed by the Watchdog.
Videonics FireStore
What could possibly make real-time non-linear DV editing even better than it already is? Eliminating the video capture process, that's what. The Videonics FireStore does just that.

Camera Support

Steadicam Pilot Review
Charles Papert, S.O.C. takes the Steadicam Pilot for a test drive and provides an engaging three-page report as well as a sample video clip for your review.
Vinten FiberTec Video Tripod
Chris Soucy provides a thorough examination of the Vinten FiberTec tripod. His review spans five easy pieces covering all aspects of the FiberTec.
Steadicam Merlin Vest and Arm Review
At Garrett Brown's suggestion, Charles Papert, S.O.C. stops at Tiffen to check out the Steadicam Merlin vest and arm, with photos by Nate Weaver.
Fishbone XTR 700 Review
Charles Papert, S.O.C. drops by Fishbone's Los Angeles office and takes the XTR 700 stabilizer for a short test drive.
VariZoom DV Sportster Preview
A preliminary look at a universal vest and articulating arm support system compatible with a wide variety of DV camera stabilizers.
The DV Caddie, Part One
Tom Calloway examines the DV Caddie, a body support brace for camcorders as large as the Canon XL1S.
The CMC Dolphin Rack
Jeff Donald reviews the latest creation from Harold Greene; it's an accessories holder which clamps onto your tripod legs.
The Marzpak Camera Suspension System
Donna Kuyper gets hooked on the Marzpak body-vest suspension camera support for most prosumer DV camcorders and tells you how it's hanging.
The SkyCrane Junior DV Camcorder Boom
Bob Jones produces another awesome camera crane guaranteed to lift your DV camcorder to new heights.
The SkyCrane DV Camera Boom
Not satisfied with available light-weight jibs, Bob Jones utilizes his engineering background to build his own out of heavy duty materials, and he can make one for you, too.
Modifications to the SkyCrane DV Camera Boom
Some extensive home-grown enhancements to the SkyCrane from Carroll Lam, complete with detailed photos. Try one or all for yourself.


iKan S400D Fluorescent Light
Pete Bauer takes this affordable, dimmable fluorescent light fixture from iKan for a test drive and puts it through the paces.
Birns & Sawyer "Lighting for Emerging Filmmakers" Two DVD Set
Ken Tanaka explores this instructional volume which offers a bridge between books and hands-on experience. With opening by Laszlo Kovacs, ASC, and class by Foster Denker.
Assemble Your Own Low-Budget Light Kit, Pt. 1
Award-winning cinematographer Scott Spears describes as affordable basic lighting kit which you can assemble yourself quite inexpensively.
Assemble Your Own Low-Budget Light Kit, Pt. 2
Scott Spears concludes his "do it yourself" lighting kit tutorial; includes a basic cost breakdown among other tips.
Build your own Home Depot Lighting Kit
Martian Welk describes his experiences -- mistakes included, so you can avoid them -- of putting together a lighting package out of commonly available halogen work lights.

Audio Production & Sweetening

Comparative Demo of Senn ME66 and MKH416 Mics
Ken Tanaka compares audio clips produced by a pair of Sennheiser shotguns; includes QuickTime files so you can hear the difference between them in noisy and quiet environments.

Post Production & Non-Linear Digital Video Editing

Contour Shuttle Pro NLE Jog-Shuttle Controller
This USB peripheral device adds an ergonomic, comfortable way to edit that will be familiar to anyone in a post-production suite. Edward Troxel describes how he uses it with Sony's Vegas NLE.
Apple's Mac Mini
Bryan Roberts examines the possibilities of editing digital video with Apple's diminutive Mac Mini personal computer.
Filmlook via Adobe After Effects, Part One: Motion Clarity
A "CineAlta look-alike" tutorial about color timing and motion clarity modifications in post-production through Adobe After Effects, by Daniel Broadway.
Filmlook via Adobe After Effects, Part Two: Color Saturation
Daniel Broadway's step-by-step guide to simulating 35mm motion picture color saturation in post-production Adobe After Effects.
Final Cut Express Review
Steve Martin of Ripple Training takes us on a guided tour of this less expensive, lighter version of Apple's awesome NLE software, tailored specifically for editing DV.

Optical Science

The Ultimate Depth-of-Field Skinny
Jeff Donald covers what you need to know about depth-of-field.
Ten Optical Defects
Explained by Jeff Donald, these are the common optical defects and some tips on how to overcome them.

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