Adding an LCD Monitor to Your XL1
an article by Adam Wakely

I was so used to my Sony TRV81 Hi8 with the big 4" flip-out view finder that when I received my Canon XL1, I found it hard to use the eye piece only. I was used to holding the camera over my head, or low for floor shots, flying shots, etc. It was difficult to keep the subject in the screen even with the eye piece set to the far view position. I missed the flip-out LCD display from my Sony camcorder! So I decided to adapt one for my XL1.

Casio VM-50 LCD Monitor kit

I purchased a Casio VM-50, three-inch LCD monitor. It came with the neccessary brackets to attach it to a camera. I tried attaching it to the battery bracket plate, but I couldn't find a sturdy place to attach to. I need it on the left side, near the eye piece just like the Sony flip-out camcorder.

The MA-100 with replacement screw

What I did was attach the bracket into the bottom of the MA-100 Microphone Adapter via the attachment screw. I had to completely disasemble the MA-100 Microphone Adapter and remove the existing slotted lock screw and replace it with the same type, but with a plastic tighten nut/female thread on top screw (I took it from another old bracket piece I had). After you add the new screw in and keep it from falling out with the existing washer clip, put the MA-100 back together. Use the male type tightening screw through the 3.5" slotted area of the bracket bar (good for moving the LCD left and right) and into the female attachment thread now holding the MA-100 onto the bottom of the XL1. Attach the other female type tightening screw at the other end of the bracket and connect the LCD and holder (provided) on top.

The VM-50 as assembled for the XL1

Don't forget to keep the rubber side of the bracket bar touching the bottom of the MA-100 Microphone Adapter connection area as this will completely stop the bracket from turning unexpectedly! And don't forget, it takes only one plastic tightening-nut-screw to put it away. You could also attach via the tripod mount screw but I prefer to keep that free for quick connections back to the tripod.

The XL1 with VM-50 mounted

I know everyone has their own ways of connecting accessory pieces to the XL1, but this way is very clean and  tight! This method may also work with other types of LCD monitors as long as you can get or make the brackets. I just thought I'd share my ideas with those who were wondering how to keep the flip-out monitor "alive!"

Adam Wakely
Quantum Productions
Burnaby, BC

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