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Kenneth Maultsby December 2nd, 2015 10:31 PM

G Tech drives and Premeire CC
Hello everyone I have just upgraded to Premiere Pro CC and I wanted to purchase G Tech raid drive for my system. This is a Windows system. I am editing HD AVCHD and material from Canon cameras. I will soon be purchasing HD 4K camera also. I was thinking of setting up RAID 0 for my media and pictures I do have separate setup for backup, I do have Thunderbolt but will USB 3.0 be OK for 4K?

Al Bergstein December 20th, 2015 09:32 PM

Re: G Tech drives and Premeire CC
Ken, Whether USB 3.0 will be enough to transfer data quickly for your 4k footage, is a factor more of your processor, RAM and video card. The USB and TB drives are plenty fast for 4K, but it's what happens when that data arrives in your RAM. I would make assumptions about your hardware, but what is your Windows setup? How much RAM, what processor, etc.

Chris Soucy December 26th, 2015 09:50 PM

Re: G Tech drives and Premeire CC
Hi, guys..............

Just found this, I must be getting slack.

First of all, Raid 0 is one of the stupidest configurations you can ever build. If your backup system isn't automatic, constant and humongous, you lose a drive on a 0 you're triply screwed.

Second, the G tech system you mentioned is either 4TB or 8TB. If you plump for the 4TB system, you will lose the advantage of the Sata 3 interface (if it has it) between the hard drive and the "box" because the packing density of 2 TB drives can't use it. Only 3TB drives and above can really use Sata 3 to full advantage, which implies a Raid 0 system of either 6TB or 8TB.

However you're still stuck with a fault intolerant system relying on persistent and pernicious backups which will hinder rather than help.

Better to build your own system with 4, 6 or 8 X 3+ TB drives in a Raid 10 configuration. You lose a drive, any drive, you're safe. If you're lucky (as I have been) you can lose two (4 drive Raid 10, lost the first on top array, the second on lower array within four days! In their defense, they were 10+ years old).

System still functional despite blood curdling error messages from OS.

Do NOT build a Raid 0!



PS: One of the reasons I got 10+ years out of my Raid system was the drives used - Hitachi. Hitachi divested themselves of almost all of their computer related businesses about 10 years ago, their hard drive division became HGST. If you really want to build a Raid system with staying power, give Seagate the flick, look sideways at WD, even their Black range (not bad, still nowhere as good as the HGST offerings) and plump for these: http://www.hgst.com/products/hard-dr...top-drive-kits

They sure as hell ain't cheap, but man, they keep on keeping on.

PPS: NOT the CoolSpin models, they'll drive you nuts.

PPPS: If you read the blurb carefully you'll notice they DO NOT offer a Sata 3/ 6 Gb/S interface option on the 2Tb drives, only on the 3Tb and 4Tb drives.That is because the packing density and rotational speed of the 2Tb units simply cannot use it to any advantage.

Ann Bens December 29th, 2015 01:52 PM

Re: G Tech drives and Premeire CC
My raid 0 is nearly 6 years old. Never lost a drive yet. (WD blacks)
And I do have a back up system.

Robert Young December 29th, 2015 10:58 PM

Re: G Tech drives and Premeire CC
Same here, except that now I have switched to Solid State Drives.
Hopefully they will be a bit more bullet proof...

Ann Bens December 30th, 2015 11:14 AM

Re: G Tech drives and Premeire CC
I am wanting a new system for a long time.
But never seem to be in between projects. Always right in the middle of one...
Can still edit fine. Export is during the night, (just like old times)

Robert Young December 30th, 2015 06:48 PM

Re: G Tech drives and Premeire CC
I know the feeling.
My system was 6 years old and still doing the job, but I could see it becoming obsolete.
I finally bit the bullet this year and upgraded to a new Dell 7910 with Intel Xeon hex core, 32 GB of the latest, fastest RAM, the latest nVidea GPU, a gigantic power supply, and all solid state internal drives + USB 3 external drives for export, back up, etc.
I have to say, the improvement in performance, speed, and stability is terrific.
It certainly is a major pain to make the switch over, but this time I was really, really organized and got it done over a weekend.

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