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Adi Head July 23rd, 2016 02:50 PM

USB 3.1 type-C (Gen 2), How crucial for new laptop?
Hi I'm shopping for a new laptop for video editing purposes.
I assume I'll be on Windows 10 and editing with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 and/or After Effects.
Initially I set out to find a laptop with at least one port for USB 3.1 type-C (gen 2, or whatever you call the type that transfers 10 gb/s.
I'm having a hard time finding a laptop that has all the specs I'm looking for, so I'm wondering is it worth giving up on the USB 3.1 type-C port?
Do I really need that extra speed, if I'm editing with the footage and all media files stored on an external USB drive?

So far I've been editing with a USB 3 port and before that I actually used USB 2. Editing went generally fine. So I'm wondering how beneficial the new and fast USB 3.1 type C connection could improve my editing experience. And maybe it would be wise for me to drop the new USB port and by that way expanding the selection of laptops I can choose from.


Gary Huff July 23rd, 2016 10:12 PM

Re: USB 3.1 type-C (Gen 2), How crucial for new laptop?
Adi, hard drives don't even top out the bandwidth of the plain 'ole USB 3.0 port. Unless you are planning on a multi-drive RAID 0 or RAID 5 setup with SSDs. A minimum of a speedy 5-bay RAID (i.e. not Drobo) with enterprise class drives is required to before you start to really need to consider Thunderbolt, and even then, Thunderbolt 1 can handle that.

Adi Head July 23rd, 2016 10:23 PM

Re: USB 3.1 type-C (Gen 2), How crucial for new laptop?
Hi Gary. Ok, I had a feeling that was the case : )

Mike Watson July 24th, 2016 12:21 AM

Re: USB 3.1 type-C (Gen 2), How crucial for new laptop?
How long do you expect to keep this laptop, and what's your budget?

I don't see much using USB C right now, and I'm not really worried about it, but I burn through laptops every 18 months or so. If you intended on keeping your laptop for 5 years, I might be more concerned with getting that USB-C. If it goes mainstream in the next 12 months or so (which IMHO is not unreasonable), you will be without USB C for a loooong time,

Mark Watson July 24th, 2016 02:20 AM

Re: USB 3.1 type-C (Gen 2), How crucial for new laptop?
Sager Laptops are getting them. On this 17-incher they're calling it "Thunderbolt 3/SuperSpeed USB 3.1".
Says it's 8 times faster than USB 3.0 at 40Gbps.


Edit: Also found this laptop without the combo Thunderbolt 3 --
SuperSpeed USB 3.1 - - "Handle everything with reversible USB 3.1 Type-C port. Maximize your data transfer rate at 10Gbps throughput via USB 3.1 Gen 2 and with ease of connecting your USB devices."


Adi Head July 24th, 2016 08:10 AM

Re: USB 3.1 type-C (Gen 2), How crucial for new laptop?
Thanks Mike and Mark Watson : )
If I'm shelling out $1500+ I hope to use this laptop for at least 4 years.
I'm not looking for the best laptop possible, just something that will handle normal video editing tasks without problems and won't become outdated too quickly.
My wife (and collaborator) has a laptop we purchased just over a year ago - HP Envy, i7 processor, 8GB ram... and currently it has issues with the newest Adobe Premiere Pro update (2015.3). She had to roll back to 2015.2.
So that had me a bit concerned when approaching this upcoming purchase for my laptop.
The one I'm using is almost 5 years old and not really good for anything anymore : /

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