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John DeLuca January 24th, 2007 06:47 PM

MKH-60 and pre amp Q
I tried searching, but couldn’t come up with the exact answers I need. Audio is not my strong point, so bare with me.

I am currently using the ME-66 and ME-67, foam wind screen and shock mount with the cameras pre amps. I would like to step up to a more professional set up after a few disappointing outdoor recordings. Don't get me wrong, the ME-66/67 are still great mics, but after 4 years of recording with them, I feel ready to move on to bigger and better things.

So this leads me to my next question- What exactly will I need with the below link? A lot of people on here are using pre amps and line level, but I have absolutely no experience with that type of set up and was wondering if anyone can explain what the ideal pre amp would be and how to run it to the camera for maximum sound quality. Any helpful books on this would also be great. Also, what is the difference between the “blimp” windscreen and the “industry standard” Rycote softie.


Oleg Kaizerman January 26th, 2007 12:15 AM

i dont think that is necessary , tun to this package , not that 60 is not a good mic , but it limiting you money wise ,
if you like spend better your 2600 us
you can get good shotgun as sanken 1350 or less for 416 or much less for AUDIO TECHNICA 4073 .THE SANKEN has much better low fq side rejection and actually would be sounding better interiors

THE 416 I PRFER IT TO THE 60 FOR IT SOUNDS , not to mention it lives for ever
THE 4073 IS maybe the best bang for the buck for shotgun microphones , miles better then the 66 very close to 416
, mix pre mixer from sd 650 , ZEPPELIN and boom from k-tek FOR ALMOST THE SAME SUM , add 1775 us @ octava from the sound room and you get very good for intirials , now you can send the me for retirement and find the new owner that didn't read these lines :-)

John DeLuca January 26th, 2007 08:52 AM


Thanks for the advice, SD looks like a great company. It seems alot of people on here like the 416, and from what I understand it is a tighter throw than the 60.

I may just drive to B&H so I can test everything in person, charts and numbers are to confusing :-)


Oleg Kaizerman January 26th, 2007 09:00 AM

i think you better go to gothamsound
the prices the same or maybe better , but you eventully meet people who know the production sound inside out

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