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Old February 26th, 2005, 12:32 PM   #211
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have you all lost all sense of humor?
(I nearly died yesterday while typing the above).
Oh, and I will have a major price drop by the end of this week.
Barbones GG movement , DIY rails (rods)/support and front mount. You might (while DIY) learn the value of precise machining.
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Old February 26th, 2005, 12:42 PM   #212
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:) Keep us posted on the cheaper price. :)
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Old February 26th, 2005, 12:45 PM   #213
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Keep us posted Dan. Some of us are very interested in your adapter.

Steev, maybe you could do your master thesis on the progression of these DIY threads :)
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Old February 26th, 2005, 01:13 PM   #214
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however, I am the dean cuzI have strted along time ageo....hehehe...

my older son (Piano clip) is 20 2day. I must go help him with the party...... working on a follow focus from Monday.
I'll let you know.

DIY is a poverty trend as a response to high prices and far east imports. Although confusing, they are part and parcel. I am proudly part of it. Here is what other "nuts" are having fun with:
Dying to start but I must finish my homework first: adapter, follow focus, etc.
Just doing my duty to ruin your lifes as the wealth of info from the net ruined mine.
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Old March 3rd, 2005, 03:23 PM   #215
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Monolog is boring.
A lot of readings on this thread from post to post and no replies.
Did you not find "Pandora's box" (Naudin) appealing? Not of interest? Or just off topic. Just curious.
I finished a follow focus meanwhile.
In use only till I decide what wireless to go for.
I was lucky with a fellow cameraman to point out major vigneting on a DVX last week. I had the follow focus in mind and not being able to cooperate in helping out with the set-up. Camera was not set at the proper distance from GG. Uncoated CU lens will get you big time color fringe as well. (what you pay is what you get) For my purpose of establishing rods length, focusing distance and so on, the cheapo ebay I've got are fine. For actually using them to capture video, no way. Best MC close-up's is the only way!!! Out for some footage.
Any comments?
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Old March 3rd, 2005, 05:19 PM   #216
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Hey Dan

The Focaus Unit looks great. Are you planning on making them. If so how much for two?
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Old March 3rd, 2005, 05:30 PM   #217
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Holy crap Dan, that looks great!

I'm very, very, very interested in getting my hands on one if possible. Do you have any test footage from this yet? How are you handling the starts and stops so that they are smooth? What type of lens is this constructed for?
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Old March 3rd, 2005, 08:03 PM   #218
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I did not have in mind to make ff for sale.
There are units available off the shelf:
to name a few.
For me is just a temp solution till I decide what wireless to go for (does not hurt to have this one meanwhile though)
I made one wireless 12 years ago (focus and zoom) Back then, very happy. Not any more.
Lenses are eBay Nikons. A pain to hunt for and add gear, but... I sacrifice for art........(I up loaded the pic on the site)
About follow focus as a craft, there is a lot of info here:
In short, the unit is only as smooth as you are. Just a tool. Pretty much like driving. If you are smooth, the ride is a pleasure, if you are rough.... (gas, breaks, steering wheel).....
Most people use marks during rehearsals, others use educated guess, and there are also some tools available. Goggle for CINETAPE/PANATAPE.
Thanks for looking.
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Old March 4th, 2005, 09:27 AM   #219
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Still waiting to see your test footage with the Sony HDV.

The lack of the enthusiasm may be due to the published cost of the afdapter. But quality will be the deciding factor for many. Specially on a Hi Res image.
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Old March 4th, 2005, 02:17 PM   #220
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Dan, I bet you can make a fair amount of cash if you sell that follow focus for under $500. Also great work on the adapter rails, etc. When will the adapter be ready for sale and what price are you selling them for? I own a DVX100 (the first model) and would love to add this adapter to my production gear. Thanks.
Ernest L. Acosta, Jr.
Garage At Large Productions
P.O. Box 42
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New York, NY 10108
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Old March 4th, 2005, 05:47 PM   #221
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I think with anything about let's say $1500 people expect dvd's with uncorrected and color-corrected footage to be available upon request.

While I totally understand that you don't want to sell your hours cheap (and by the looks of it this unit has cost you quite some hours), at $3500 it's no longer the type of product people buy off a forum no questions asked if you see what I mean.
If I were to buy one of these I would expect some kind of situation where I knew there would be after-sales service in case of problems with the product.

I am in the market for a 35mm adapter and I am talking to some people who have a very interesting product that is about to hit the market and they've sent me a dvd with 2 commercial music videos as well as some adapter vs. video shots and some documentary-style footage. That is what I think people here expect from your adapter as well.

At the price you are thinking of introducing this adapter I would expect it to accept cine lenses (PL mount) because photo-lenses aren't really ideal for motion (zooming effect when focussing).

Also, at this price the fact that the image still needs to be rotated in post isn't a selling point.

I hope this does not come over as harsh criticism; it's just my 2 cents... I must say that personally I think the price is a little steep. Then again, I'm not the one who has spent days and weeks perfecting this thing so who am I to comment on that.
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Old March 6th, 2005, 05:21 PM   #222
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Lots of questions and no answers. Even worse: more questions....
I thought I covered the decision to go with SLR lens a while back, but here we go again:

1. Pl lens only cover an 18/24mm image
defeating the whole purpose of the work I have done so far to provide a bigger, brighter and just as sharper image with less expensive lens:

2. Given that the image is videotaped of a larger 24/36mm GG, I see no reasonable reason to provide an expensive lens and potentially obtain less resolution out of them for the non breathing perfection. (some of the older, less expensive to rent/own lens breathe as well)

3. Not every film maker/Videographer has a rental house in his neighborhood. If one has to rent them on a PAID shoot ONLY (for $ reasons) it will limit one's ability to experiment/have a demo DVD to show and promote his skills.

4. Pl lens are pricey to own
or rent:

5. PL lens have a different flange than SLR's. Having it as an option will only increase the cost of interchangeable mounts subtracting potential customers.
6. The cost of the mount is not to be neglected:
(while most people look for "the sun, the moon and a few stars on the side" for a second hand price, and I am one of them as well...)
6.The breathing of any SLR lens (less the latest AF/manual) will only be noticeable:
a) on a very big screen,
b) on a major focus roll (from very close to very far)
c) enhancing/selling the subconscious idea of "film look"

I have no intention to increase my cost and pass it onto you buying or manufacturing parts that are available already.
I want to provide the very basic "missing link" needed in this equation. Nothing more.
1/2" rods, you can find easily. A 1/2" bit is in any hardware store. Why should I cut and drill when you can do it to suit YOUR camcorder? I am here to do ONLY what you can not do (and which I think is my only contribution to this contraption)

I have looked at Sony’s Z1 focus. Nothing moves, changes or breaths while focusing. Is perfect. Does it help (me or you) for the purpose of this discussion? Not much. Nice? I do not know. Fascinating? Yes. Can I use it for my purpose? No. (my 2c)

on the "flip" issue:
I see it less expensive to have the hardware that flips the camera than provide/align/mount expensive/heavy prisms for the same purpose. I did it before. I will not do it again (not even for money) I see no reason and I walk my talk.

For everyone else:
Since most are concerned about price (and I am looking to the least expensive alternative as well): would you be happy to get the SLR mount and the moving screen
for $2000?
as in this picture:
except the lens, rods and follow focus plus the charger?

That will pass on to you a lot of money and some work, as well as leaving you the option to "configure" IT to your specific camcorder.

As I would prefer to keep myself out of a discussion about which of "today's" camcorder is best suited for this DOF quest, I will only mention this: I am not "hooked" on any of them. Any 3CCD, manual focus, iris, with external mic input is suitable. Technology changes as we speak. In 6 months, you may start thinking HD. Will it work on the next models?
Most likely (if the zoom range will be similar to Sony's Z1) yes.

You will need a very good CU/macro/1.6X telephoto converter to see the whole image in the viewfinder. You will also need (IMHO) a very sturdy set of rods to mount it on and slide IT towards/away from the camcorder until you are happy with the image. Note:

Nikon "looked after" the vigneting of the viewfinder when different focal lengths lens were used providing interchangeable "focusing screens" to match them. Since this is out of the question here, your choice is to slide the camcorder closer or farther away from the GG, until you get a full brightness image FOR THE LENS YOU USE. Most likely that will be the case for extreme lens ONLY. 15mm and wider and above 250-300mm(I would guess)
For now, AS IS, the 28-200 zoom works without any vigneting in one position (no sliding back and forth needed) at about 50mm between GG and the camcorder's lens. The 17-28 I tested works in the same position as well. I do not have a 300mm lens.

About a DVD demo. I do own yet an HD DVD burner/player.
Even if I shoot a demo and burn a DVD, you will not see it in HD.

The Z1 I tested worked (for my purposes) with a +2 &+3 CU lens. The image is not acceptable.

A 1.6X tele-converter from Century optics:
will do the job! (see the price also)

A demo DVD will invariably be subjective and your impression WILL be biased. You will not judge the converter ONLY; you will be influenced by many skills
cinematography (lights, composition) directing (choosing a shoot) camera moves (crane, steadicam) focus pulling skills, and so much more only complicating the issue.

I provided basic tests with pics and clips on my site to be OBJECTIV down to the last detail and leave NOTHING to interpretation. You want to see footage that will "inspire you"? I can do that easily. I only wanted to be FAIR to all of you and give you facts ONLY (leaving my or someone else's skills or the lack of out of it)

As most of you have noticed by now, I did not "jumped out of my skin" to SELL ASAP something (knowledge, kit or product) You may also appreciate all the info shared free (via posts and on my site)

I have scheduled a "shooting" for Monday. I will continue to use the GS200. I want to demo the converter only.
Compatibility and mounting of other camcorders should be on you.

your comments ....?
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Old March 6th, 2005, 07:40 PM   #223
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jay can you give us more info on this adapter?
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Old March 7th, 2005, 12:26 AM   #224
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Dan, you CAN make HD DVD NOW...

Hi Dan - pls. refer to HDV editing forum and look for Douglas Spotted Eagle's posts regarding Mpeg-4 "HD" on existing DVD's - it's amazing workaround until HD DVD becomes the new norm...

-it's the thread with "frameserving" in subject...

All the best!

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Old March 7th, 2005, 10:47 AM   #225
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Thank you Mark,
Is going to be a while for me to catch up with it, but I'll make it.
Forgot to mention:
this last weekend I attended the first trade show here in Vancouver:
(similar to showBiz LA).
Arri, Panavision, Clairmont camera, Miller, O'connor...all the boyz were there. Cool LED dimmable lights, F900, Varicam, Technocrane, Dalsa, Cinealta, etc.
Highlits: Cinematography workshop with Attila Szalay, Karl Herrmann and other two or three (of the same caliber) DOP and a movie test done by Panavision: Two cameras side by side, one film one digital shooting the same scene, inter cut footage. Amazing. Hard to tell the diff. 1COMS outputting 880MB/s(but usually 440) on 1/2" tape. Both printed on film. CMOS linear response had to be "matched" to film's log response to light based on a "look-up table".
They only have 7 made to date and turning down projects (demand exceeds the offer) so, you might as well make up your mind (just kidding)
Fascinating. But film is still FILM.
I also had 10 min to introduce the "new-kid-on-the-block": positive response (obviously from a different market segment) but exciting all2gather.
I love technocrane......... sigh......
only 300,000 Euro...........sigh....
silkity smooth..................sigh.....
(no, I will not "make one"
As ridiculous as it may sound (and it is) I did not videotape anysink and no pics either (with a Kodak 3M in my pocket!!!) Luckily, some friends got me on tape and pics as well....

Oh well, goat2go shoot some footage.
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