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  1. DC power charging batteries while traveling
  2. Light Stand Holder Solution
  3. Ceiling mounted Backdrop/Seamless Holder Advice
  4. Help. Can I get power OUT from my camera?
  5. editing swivel chair
  6. Taking better photos/videos with an iPhone
  7. Shooting Video in a Vegas Hotel Room
  8. Editing chairs and other stuff
  9. Canon Dealer in Brisbane?
  10. Gear Suggestions for Long Distance travel.
  11. Mac Pro setup for FCPX
  12. Light for Green Screen Room & White Room
  13. Lighting for audio/video home studio
  14. Studio for audio and video on a medium budget
  15. New Studio Plan. Brainstorming.
  16. Fying and Li-Ion batteries
  17. Travel Adaptor, Brazil Type "N" Sockets
  18. Air travel with lots of hard drives
  19. Camera security in hotels
  20. XH-A1, Gitzo GT1542T, and Manfrotto 701HDV?
  21. Equipment hire in the Seychelles
  22. NYC Brooklyn Bridge Shoot Location
  23. Studio equipment
  24. NYC tips for a southerner?
  25. Canada, here I come!
  26. Air Travel - Carry On Luggage FS 700
  27. Standing desk, anyone?
  28. The ideal travel cam
  29. Travel equipment situation, stressing, please help.
  30. Rolling Rack for video gear
  31. Equipment hire in Amsterdam
  32. Motorhome away from home?
  33. Advice on simple solution to auto upload video for sharing
  34. Backpack advice for International travel
  35. Post moved.
  36. Mogadishu / Somalia advice
  37. Jungle Expedition Filmmaking Kit
  38. International Money Making with Video
  39. Gitzo Tripods in Singapore?
  40. sending PAL footage to America -2 questions
  41. MacPro - Touring Roadcase
  42. First out of state shoot
  43. Golf travel cases for airline travel?
  44. San Diego stores
  45. Any tips for filming in Moldova, Kenya, and Zambia??
  46. Video store in Washington DC/Arlington?
  47. Air plane travel and equipment
  48. Any recs for a rental house in Munich?
  49. What do I have to do to shoot in Germany (US citizen)
  50. NYC visit.