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  20. Looking for a plate/bracket.
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  23. HXR-NX5U can not communicate with iMAC
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  28. Camera power-down effect on MRC-1
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  30. Sharing CF cards between mrc1k and dslr?
  31. What's the difference between MRC1 and MRC1K?
  32. Using Sony software after CF card problem
  33. Tip on how to change tape whilst recording to CF
  34. Belkin PCI-E Firewire 800 reader faulty install
  35. Sony HVR-DR60 & HVR V1e Windows 7 compatibility issues
  36. Last frame no good on every clip recorded.
  37. Transcend 16gb 133x not compatible with Relay record record
  38. MRC1K crashes with windows 7!
  39. Recording time on a 16gb card
  40. MRC1 files and Vegas 9.0d - no preview image?
  41. Problems "Sony MRU" Compact Flash recording unit
  42. Problems with Retro mode recordings
  43. Expresscard34 reader or firewire for CF cards?
  44. Deleting Files
  45. Can I use MRC1 to copy from recorded tape
  46. HVR-MRC1 and Final Cut Pro 6
  47. MRC1k & Kingston Tech 32 GB 266x cards - UPDATE -
  48. Seamless file
  49. MRC1K & Sony Battery
  50. Odd audio issue when re-joining split clips