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  1. The old Sony PMW-F3 is still getting a work out! Shot with 2 of them on this feature
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  6. Second hand S-Log or Not S-log. Can you even buy the upgrade anymore?
  7. F3 with old Nikon lenses? Studio interview FOV with 50mm or 35mm?
  8. Series shot on F3
  9. Video I Shot On the F3 in Downtown Chicago
  10. New F3 User question/possible problem
  11. WTB Original Sony PL to FZ adapter
  12. Upgrade to F5 or not
  13. Minolta SR to Sony FZ adapter??
  14. zacuto universal VCT plate
  15. How do I grade a Hypergamma?
  16. Pick up a second F3 if you need one.
  17. Which card reader for SxS?
  18. Sony F3 and Sony SCL X18X140 lens test
  19. F3 Original PL Lenses Adaptability
  20. SXS Card Needed to trigger Recorder?
  21. EI S-Log or Standard S-Log?
  22. Sony F3 and Angenieux 35-140 lens test
  23. PMW-F3: Bleach bypass or b&w picture profile
  24. F3 Instruction Manual?
  25. No Lens Info?
  26. Hi. New F3 Owner Here
  27. Deciding on a Macro Lens
  28. F3 Demo
  29. Short film in s-log
  30. Baseball TV spot
  31. Issue with picture profile?
  32. New Switronix EX-L96UD DOA twice, 8 month old battery failing
  33. Deciding on lenses for the F3 and back focus question
  34. Program delivery question
  35. clip numbers in viewfinder
  36. Sony F3 E-Mount cap
  37. Sony F3 price estimation
  38. Problem with moving edges
  39. Does the factory reset hours on F3?
  40. Confused: Is It Possible to Attach E-mount Lenses to F3?
  41. Need Sony F3 part, broken. Help!
  42. One card, multiple cameras
  43. Sony F3 IR Cut Filters
  44. Camera Settings and Set up - Problems with red colour
  45. f3 High hours
  46. New F3 TV Spots
  47. A new baseplate/shoulder-mount option for the F3
  48. HD-SDI playback of recorded files?
  49. Off-speed recording with external recorders?
  50. Why not make a Handstrap for Cameras like F3