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  1. Mini doc about filming a film festival - Please give me feedback!
  2. How do I get around terrible theatre/theater lighting?
  3. How much time to setup a simple interview?
  4. Single camera shoot BBC Casualty
  5. Work from home or do you rent office space?
  6. Quick HD videos to USBs
  7. Do you use public transportation?
  8. SPC, Necessity or Choice?
  9. One-man-team - Looking For Advice.
  10. Aputure Amaran Tri-8s
  11. Air Pods
  12. DSLR or standard video camera & audio questions
  13. Using iPhone 6+/SE
  14. Using Timecode to sync MultiCam shoot
  15. Nailing Focus
  16. Time lapse video
  17. Stage Event Video - DVD production
  18. Lightest Light Stands 2.5 lbs or less
  19. How Many Bags and Total Weight Follow You.
  20. Encouragement
  21. Colour Meters
  22. Zone Focussing in Sport: Best Practice for One Man Operation
  23. Beyond 10 hrs
  24. How many jobs per year?
  25. Quest for the lightest light kit
  26. Outdoor interview without auto iris
  27. Filming a conference
  28. Subway Kit and the Tripod Quandary
  29. NJ production space to rent for shoot?
  30. My new, portable setup
  31. 2 camera's on one tripod
  32. Ideal for Single-Person Crews: the Letus Helix
  33. DSLR with good audio?
  34. B-grip + varavon loupe modification
  35. Advantages of 4K for soloshooters
  36. Filming First Wedding...
  37. How Much to Charge..?
  38. My First Real Shoot (Video Done.....maybe)
  39. How to turn your dslr into a shouldercamera
  40. anyone ever interview young teens? if so, what did you learn?
  41. How do you arrange your gear in vehicle?
  42. Primary video destination: Christie microtiles!
  43. Got $500 to spend....
  44. shipping gear from US 2 Canada-how?
  45. My First Timelapse
  46. Purchases in Order
  47. My First Real Shoot
  48. How did he get this shot?
  49. Steadicam?
  50. Advice on Starting