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  1. by Chris Hurd: NAB Survival -- Is It The Shoes?
  2. by Chris Hurd: Inside Canon Expo 2015, Part One: 8K Cinema EOS
  3. by Chris Hurd: A Preview of Canon Expo 2015
  4. by Tim Dashwood: Lectrosonics L-Series Wireless Lav Microphone bundle
  5. by Adam Wilt: New Firmware for the Odyssey 7Q+: Doin’ the HDMI-DownRes-ProRes Shuffle
  6. by John Harms A Les Blank Film Premiere… Just 42 Years Late
  7. by Art Adams: A Three-Part Series Covering ISO
  8. by Steve Mims: Review: Canon Cinema EOS C100 Mark II
  9. by Art Adams: Never Say No — And Learn to Live with It
  10. by Dennis Hingsberg: Replicating CineEI Mode in Custom Mode on the F55
  11. by Art Adams: My Love – Hate Relationship with the Sony FS7
  12. by Adam Wilt: On the Color of Light, and the Measurement Thereof
  13. by Adam Wilt: Quick note: Veydra Mini Primes tested; Kickstarter funded at 5.4x goal
  14. by Adam Wilt: The GH4 Audio Buzz Fix
  15. by Art Adams: Are You a Cinematographer or a Documentarian?
  16. by Art Adams: How to Improve Your Showreel Website: The Short Version
  17. by Art Adams: The Judd Offset: What I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know About OLED Monitors
  18. by Art Adams: The Rough Guide to Calibrating a Light Meter in the Field
  19. by Adam Wilt: PXW-FS7, Part 3: Moving the Grip, More Lenses, Company Moves, and More
  20. by Art Adams: Dragon Color: Does Tungsten or Daylight Make a Difference?
  21. by Adam Wilt: New Glass: Veydra Cine Primes for Micro 4/3
  22. by Art Adams: Moire: A Tale of Two Shirts
  23. by Chris Hurd: Shane Hurlbut’s Illumination Experience Continues…
  24. by Adam Wilt: PXW-FS7, Part 2: Getting a Grip, Looking at Lenses, Better Balancing, and More
  25. by Art Adams: A Critical Look at Varicam’s Latest Demo Reel
  26. by Adam Wilt: First Look: Sony PXC-FS7 L.S.S. Shoulder-Mount Camcorder, part 1
  27. by Art Adams: Owning vs. Renting: Why I Never Bought a Camera
  28. by Adam Wilt: Review: Panasonic DMC-GH4 Micro Four Thirds HD/4K Camera
  29. by Adam Wilt: Arri Amira at Videofax
  30. by Art Adams: Lights I Haven’t Made Yet #1: The Art Book Light
  31. by Art Adams: Noise, Sampling, Codecs and Green Screen: A Potential Horror Story
  32. by Tim Dashwood: The Odyssey7Q and Sony FS700 Tests
  33. by Art Adams: Sony SGamut vs. SGamut3: Battle of the Color Spaces
  34. by Bill Davis: NAB Tips For Trade-Show Rookies
  35. by Art Adams: Raw and Log: How to Easily Differentiate the Two
  36. by Art Adams: A Short History of Camera Color
  37. by Chris Hurd: CES2014 Show Report
  38. by Craig Chartier: First Look at Cinetics Axis360 Motorized Slider
  39. by Art Adams: Arri Amira: I Have Good News and Bad News
  40. by Adam Wilt: HPA Tech Retreat 2014
  41. by Art Adams: Making Hard Light Look Soft: One Approach
  42. by Art Adams: My Experience with Butterflies
  43. by Art Adams: What Alexa and Watercolors Have in Common
  44. by Dennis Hingsberg: XQD Cards for Sony F5 and F55
  45. by Adam Wilt: Review: Zacuto Z-Finder EVF
  46. by Chris Ward: Review: Canon XA25 HD Camcorder
  47. by Art Adams: Resolve 10 Waveform Values for the Unsure
  48. by Adam Wilt: Review: Blackmagic Cinema & Pocket Cinema Cameras
  49. by Art Adams: Trusting My Meter: The Perception of Brightness
  50. by Art Adams: Shooting S-Log2 Without a Net