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Adriano Apefos
April 30th, 2009, 09:15 AM
TITLE: Skip Control


A space ship landed in earth in a dark could night... sudenly a door opened and two aliens get out and ask: here? yes, here... and they left a little box in the ground... in the morning a two children, a boy and a girl walking and starting to fall in love just so early found the little box: they opened the box and a GH1 came out. So the boy said: YES, I WANT TO BELIEVE! and the girls answer: ME TOO, BUT... IM NOT SHURE... Lets go to the internet to ask some people about it...

Adriano Apefos
April 30th, 2009, 09:16 AM
The boy and the girl start runing.. and get into the house... they were runing holding hands, because the girl take the boys hand to start runing... inside the house, they were tired due to runing and the boys mother asks: where were you?? The boy scares and left the girls hand... she did not like that. the boy hides the box behind him and said, mom, we were walking an playing, just it... ok, but you need to tell me where are you going... And the girl says: ok, we are going sailing... What? the mom says... Sayling in the internet, lets go...

So they went inside the video forum... OOHHHHH!!!!!

And they meet a guy who said: it seems you have a revolutionary camera in hands, maybe it let you have control over everything, you just need a good script to make a movie now... remember: Script + control.

And the girl says: script control, script control... what is that?
And the boy: we will rule the world!!!
and the girl looked in the boys eyes and say: I just know when i look at you i dont want script and control, i want skip control!!!
And the boy: what?
And the girl: Idiot!!! I hope you ruke the world and make some money at least...

Adriano Apefos
April 30th, 2009, 09:18 AM
The girl have left the boy alone... she went to her house. the boy was looking to the camera... the camera was red and there was a red button. so he think: i want to press this button, but i am afraid... This button can rule the world, but it can make everything burns away... how can i know... so he had an idea: the nose, the handyman, he knows machines...

the nose was a guy lives near. his father was strong and angry, he was always making the nose works in the garage fixing things... the father was so angry his face becames red, he was a strong angry red face man and the nose was afraid of him... everybody was... he was tryng to build an adapter and force nose to work for him...

so the boy arrives in the red father and the nose son house... whe he arrives he fells a sound... the sound was a music... a music from john lenon and the red face father was singing:

low budget guy:

i was dreaming of a past
of the 35mm movie stars
I began to lose control
i began to lose control
its so expensive for me
im just a poor low budget guy

i was felling insecure
because my camera was not so good
i was really in pain
i was really in pain
it didnt mean my camera is not so good
im sorry i just need an adapter
i was just trying to catch your eyes
with my camera and adapter
im just a low budget guy
im just a low budget guy

but it did not look so good
but it did not look so good
it was not colored in red
it was not colored in red

my heart starts beating fast
because i cant make my film with that
it so expensive for me
im just a poor low budget guy

someone try to continue this crap script please... i am tired now...

i am just thinking the red face father seeing the gh1:

my good you have a red camera to rule the world!!! i need to destroi it, this camera will make my adapter go to the hell... no no please do not destroy it... and when the red face father starts to hurt the red GH1 with a heavy metal tool the camera get not broken and the tool pressed the red button... two holograms from actors came out... the digital revolution, digital holograms actors with shallow dof at 24 fps... my good... what is that... they came with a script, they are talking... im dead, said the red face father... and he knows the tool cannot destroy the red GH1, and he starts to faith with the holograms actors... the boy look to the nose son : oh no!!! the holograms actors fall in the ground full of blood... father stops please... the red face father starts to cry: i didnt mean to hurt you, im sorry i made you cry, im just a porr low budget guy...

Adriano Apefos
April 30th, 2009, 09:20 AM
So the nose son realize that his father made a criminal atitude, the red face strong and angry man almost killed the hologram actors... and the nose son said: oh no, there was a lot of noise here, people screaming, i think the policemen will came here and arrest my father, I need to do something... I just have one way to go...I will call 911 and I will say my father got crazy about the shallow dof adapter and the red gh1 alien camera and he needs to go to a mental hospital... in this way he will not be arrested. father, i love you, you will be living sometime in the hospital, but i will go to see you... and the father: no no no, i will run, run until the end of the world recording images with my adapter to show everybody this is the way to make movies... and he starts to run with the adapter and the VHS camcorder GX88U from JVC... and a VHS recorder PV5000 in the shoulder... reording shake images... the ambulance arrives with that sound UUUAAAAUUUUAAAUUUUAAAA. What hapenned here, said the nurse. my father he got crazy... please get him... go, get him and after I tell you all the history... the nurses run away and got the red face angry man with a shoot from a gun with elephant reassuring in the needle... so he saw the nicest imagens in his life, all he saw was shallow dof... and he said, that is it that is it... I will give this poison to all folks that came to see my movie... in this way all movie will be shallow dof... and he felt in the ground looking the blur sky... an epic wide angle scene with the camera in the ground... (with shallow dof) LOL...

Adriano Apefos
April 30th, 2009, 09:22 AM
the boy scared... got the unbroken red gh1 from the ground and start runing to his house... the GH1 red camera continues showing the hologram actors and the boy saw a message... you found the revolutionary machine to change the world... everything a young guy wants is change the world with a rock band, but you can change the world with this red gh1 amera too. and remember... dont forget to kiss the girls in the end... so the boy starts to write everything he saw and press the red button to talk to the hologram ators... but the actors said: you do not need to write anything... we can learn from the machine super boom phallic microphone and now we will do everithing we leaned so you can see if you like it... after the acting the red gh1 machine printed a thousand advertising papers for the film. the boy puts this advertising in all the village and everybody came to see the movie... the boy and the girl was sitting in the theather and in the end everybody applauses the movie, the girls looked at him with the eyes shinning and he remembered what the hologram actors said: kiss the girl... and after a long and voluptuous kiss the girl said: you ruled the world, you made money in the theather bringing everybody here, now it is time to make love... please make love to me... hard, deep, i want a son from you my rock cine red gh1 shining writer, producer and director star...


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May 1st, 2009, 08:14 AM
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