View Full Version : What are some good GL2 Companions?

Alex Ratson
July 31st, 2002, 12:21 AM
Now that I have bean semi convinced not to get a XL1S, and get a GL2 instead, what are some of the best accessories to get with it? I am for shire going to get 2 BP-945 Battery’s, but what else? Some that I have bean thinking of are:
Bogen fluid tri-pod, wide-angle lens, 3x fish eye (century optics0, 16:9 conversion lens, Mate Box. I’m open to suggestions to any others. Also I’m thinking of getting a DV deck. How well would the JVC dual deck, and/or the Pana 1000 work with the GL2?
Now my Last question is what’s a good bag for the GL2? I would like to get a backpack style bag since I am on the move a lot.

Thanks for the info, and feel free to suggest or comment on any thing else.

Chris Hurd
August 2nd, 2002, 11:21 AM
For a great GL2 bag, consider the KATA CCC-3333 which is profiled on the XL1 Watchdog site at (XL1 Watchdog > Articles > Storage & TRansport). I'm working on a GL2 Accessories page at the moment.

Jason Bagby
August 7th, 2002, 11:21 AM
alex, it sounds like you are on the right track.
i got an interstate battery equivalent of the bp-945 for about half the price,
check chris at
super nice and great personal service.
i'd always recommend a uv filter if for no other reason than to protect that awesome lens.
but what i was going to say was audio is half of the equation with video being the other half.
and obviously the main difference (functionally at least) is the lack of balanced audio ins on the gl2.
the mic on the gl1 is GREAT, but even with the wind cut and the mic att on it still cops out. . . of course i'm usually standing infront of an upright bass or as close to the stage at a live show as i can get when it happens, so perhaps you would enjoy the beachtek xlr adapter
dxa-4 something
(beach tek has like 4 models that are all tweaked for different cameras, so i don't know what they will call the one for the gl2, nor do i know if its really different than the rest.
and a good mic or mics to go with it.
laslty check out porta-brace's "slinger"
its a courier style bag that would make the ladies knees shimmy.

Alex Ratson
August 7th, 2002, 01:34 PM
Thanks for the info Jason . I am planing to get the ME66, or the audio technica AT835b, and for a XLR adapter I am going to get the MA 300 witch plugs into the hot shoe mount. I like the cheap battery’s you suggested, they look like a good bang for the buck, fortunately I have the opportunity to get the Canon BP battery’s for close to the same price.
At the moment I am having a hard time deciding on a tripod, and a Backpack style camera bag , so if any of you have some suggestions on these item’s then please make some suggestions.

Thanks again Jason


Jason Bagby
August 7th, 2002, 11:35 PM
if you are looking to spend a moderate amount,
I suggest the bogen 3046 legs with the 3066 (aka 501) head.
it makes my gl1 look a little small,
but it is a little small.
and now that i added phat battery and wide angle lens and long mic and beachtek adapter it isn't quite as small.
but the legs are solid, but heavy (which is good for all but carrying)
and the fluid head is very very nice. . . no snap back when you finish panning, it just stops dead- very little play in the pan rotor.
or maybe he 3211-WN legs instead. they are single piece colapsable, but very beefy for a single column leg, and its lighter and cheaper,
meant for wilderness shooting, comes in black or camo.
a bit less expensive than 3046 legs.
and check out the 'slinger'
from portabrace, its not a backpack, but you would definitely be able to ride your bike with it on and its a lot faster draw from the holster.

Alex Ratson
August 8th, 2002, 12:08 AM
Hey Jason, Thanks for the tripod advise. I am definitely going for the 501. At school we have a 510 and it just rocks, and with the 501 being its little brother I though it a be a killer head for the GL2. IM just checking out those sticks you mentioned and I like the 3211-wn. Any one got some experience on these or similar sticks? Thanks for the input again Jason.

Steve McDonald
August 11th, 2002, 09:01 AM
Did anyone mention a 58mm UV-filter for lens protection? How about the Century Optics 2X telextender, especially if you're going to use a tripod? Be careful of Brand-X battery substitutes, unless they've been proven good. I've never had one that measured up to the manufacturer's brand on these small, lower-voltage cameras. How about a shoulder-mount for steadier handling off the tripod? A simple device like the Steady-Stick could also be handy for mobility. I'd buy the Sony GV-D1000 as the best DV mini-VTR for the money, but the Panasonic 1000 may please others better. Look into the JVC professional version of their DV/S-VHS combo deck, that sells for no more than these mini DV-only models. I use a padded, insulated lunch bag with a topside zipper, from a variety or grocery store, for my small cameras. Then I carry it inside a day-pack. This gives me extra protection and the cost is very low. There's no "camcorder-inside" recognition by thieves---they think you've probably
got it filled with dirty socks and moldy granola.

Steve McDonald

Michael Westphal
August 11th, 2002, 03:39 PM
Alex, I have the 3221WN's. The difference may be in the feet. I think the 11's have rubber caps, whereas the 21's have the spick bottoms with rubber screw covers - much more versatile.

I also have the 501 head and it makes a good combo with the 3221wn tripod. I get good height and I can adapt the tripod to a variety of locations but easily keep the head level.