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Norman Szabo
June 23rd, 2005, 02:46 AM
Im probably about the only person on the planet trying to do this, but anyway...

I'm trying to get my old Canopus DVRex-M1 card (plus internally connected breakout box) running on a new Windows XP machine (service pack 2), but even though Ive successfully installed the latest driver package (version 2.63 from canopus' support site), which claims to support XP, the applications themselves (at least Rex Video and Rex Edit; I havent tested Rex audio) dont work properly at all. They start up OK, and I can eg switch the input port (or at least the input port indicator light) from DV1 to DV2, but that's about it!

In the case of RexVideo, when i load up an old legacy canopus codec avi file, the dvrex video screen stays blank (actually black). when I hit the play button, I get audio output and the cursor thingy duly moves along the timeline as though it's playing. also the frame counters etc keep track accordingly. However, there's no output to the screen or to the S-video (I have a TV monitor attached) -- eveyrhting is still black. But -- when i switch focus to another window, a freeze frame image from the avi file it's playing appears in the rexvideo window on the computer screen! (but not on the external monitor). switching focus back to rex edit makes the image go back to black. I figure there have to be some clues here, so can anyone decipher what might be going on?

The overlay method is S3 (not RIVA) if that's any help. Also, I just noticed that the above only happens if I select 'release overlay when inactive' from the preferences menu. If I dont select this, then I dont ever see anything at all, just gray instead of black the whole time. (So I guess the problem is something to do with overlay?)

So.... does anyone have any ideas? anything in particular I should check? It seems like this setup must have the potential to work OK, but obvoiusly theres still soemthing wrong....

Thanks in anticipation,


tech specs:
ASUS A7N8X-X motherboard
AMD Sempron 2600+
1.83 GHz, 1G RAM
nVidia nForce2 400 chipset
ASUS A9250 video card
Windows XP Pro SP2

Norman Szabo
June 23rd, 2005, 02:58 AM