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Bill Austin
February 12th, 2010, 08:28 AM
I have a GL2 and want to learn the proper way to record audio from an conference room that combines a live band (not super loud but live singer / guitar) then a speaker.

I do have access to the soundboard that is where I am taping from, this is my 3rd time returning for taping, first tried auto mode with and without the att on, both results were so so (echoey room), second attempt I used att on and adjusted the mic levels manually but still ended up with echoey funky results.

Thinking on this third try to set mic att on, use a plug from soundboard into camera, set on manual and hopefully being plugged into the board and monitoring it with manual levels i might end up with decent sound without the echoes of the stock gl2 mic picking up every sound bouncing around the room.

am I on the right track with my thinking for how to capture this correctly? I don't know the output adaptor on the soundboard but hoping if i bring a long cable for the gl2 and a few adaptors I have that something will match up or they might have the right adaptor for me to use too (I know they have a fishing box of cords adaptors etc), so hoping i can get this to work this next weekend.

Bill :)

Greg Donovan
February 12th, 2010, 02:50 PM
With a mic or line input into the camera the stock mic will be turned off. To get ambient room sound you'll need another mic. What I would do is get a mono feed into the camera on one channel, and use an external mic into the second channel, assuming that you have the adaptors to do so.

I actually am recording something where I have to do exactly this on Monday. Then mix the two in post. Hopefully I'll see some good results.

You will probably need the attenuator on in the camera from the board feed, which does pose the problem of killing the levels of your external mic. I may end up recording the external mic audio into my laptop instead. Remember that the attenuator is applied on both channels and cannot be applied to just one.

So really, with a line level feed coming into the camera, you're best bet is probably to record the line feed in the camera with the attenuator on and then setup your own external mic recording into another device.


Bill Austin
February 12th, 2010, 03:00 PM
Thanks for the reply Greg, I shoulda also mentioned the band that plays and the speaker all go thru the soundboard i would be plugging into, i have no external mics or anything but am thinking plug into the soundboard turn on mic att, and maybe in manual mode just adjust the levels so im in a decent range for the music then as speaker comes on maybe turn them up a tad to bring him into the same ranges sound wise (by reading my level meters).

Just new to the camera and trying to get things figured out...

Greg Donovan
February 12th, 2010, 08:39 PM
Ok, I just read your post as you wanting to have a line into the camera and use the camera mic at the same time, which the camera will not allow you to do.


Don Palomaki
February 15th, 2010, 12:46 PM
Tough to record good ambient sound at a live event. If you want the sound board mix your best bet is to use an auxiliary recorder and record from the sound board, sync with the video in post. Something like a M-Audio MicroTrak or TASCAM DR100 to name two of many possible products. That leaves the camcorder free to record ambient sound and move around, not tethered to the sound board by cables.

If you want to record the "good" sound on the GL2, search the past threads. The general topic has been discussed many times in the past. No simple solutions, all require some knowledge of audio and interconnections, and some advance planning with the person running the sound board to ensure you have a good, noise free connection.

You should start by defining the requirements. Who is the ultimate customer and what do they want/need? Stereo or Mono? Preserve dynamic range or compress it a bit to maintain close to a constant loudness. One camcorder or two? Will you be using A/C power or battery for the camcorder? How convenient is the soundboard? What are its available output levels? DO you need ambient sound to mix intot he final product? Do you have a budget to buy some additional equipment?

As a last resort you could even record to the line-level output form the soundboard to the Hi-Fi stereo tracks on a Hi-Fi VHS VCR (it is close to TV-quality FM sound) - just feed it a video signal to ensure the VCR is happy with the input..

Tom Dickerson
February 20th, 2010, 06:22 AM
Bill - Does the audio guy have the ability to record to a CD? It's pretty easy to Synch this up in post and, if his balances are good, give you pretty good audio. Like mentioned, you can then record any ambient from your GL2 that way.

I do events and weddings (with a GL2) and usually try to get a CD if I can. Otherwise I have the sound tech send a board feed into my digital voice recorder. I also add a Rode Stereo Video mic to my GL2 which usually does a good pretty fair job as well.