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Ben Lynn
April 26th, 2010, 04:14 PM
I just wanted to share a positive purchasing experience that I had with Tapeworks Texas. This spring I had to upgrade my JVC HD-100 to the new GY-700. I was busy during the entire month of March and I didn't have a chance to get it ordered until the end of the month. When I finally had time to place the order I called Scott Cantrell at Tapeworks Texas. He was extremely helpful in getting my order placed. Because of him I was able to still qualify for the IDX mount and charger, plus I was able to still qualify for the upgraded Fuji 17x. Both of which saved me a lot of money. But it wasn't just the money I saved that made it a good experience, it was the fact that he could answer any questions I had about the camera and the items I was buying. I had a few questions about the purchase and he was able to answer them all.
In addition, he knew that I already owned a 100 so I wouldn't need to buy a lot of additional accessories like I might if this was my first JVC purchase. So he didn't try and sell me on a bunch of items I didn't need, which I really appreciate.
And finally, he kept me informed of the status every step of the way. The camera body shipped separate from the lens and camera cover and with each item he let me know when it shipped and when he expected the next item to ship. All of the items arrived on time as ordered.

I would highly recommend Tapeworks Texas (TapeWorks Texas ( and in particular Scott Cantrell. I can't say enough about how beneficial it is to actually talk with a knowledgeable, competent sales rep when you're making a video production purchase.

Ben Lynn

Chris Hurd
April 26th, 2010, 04:29 PM
Thanks Ben -- it's always great to see another endorsement of a highly valued DV Info Net site sponsor.

Jay West
May 7th, 2010, 03:03 PM
I'll second what Ben has said. I recently bought a Sony NX5 with an FMU and a couple of additional accessories such as memory cards. The NX5 box did not have all the listed accessories. (Sony may have inadvertantly shipped a repair camera). Sony also was way late in delivering FMU units subject to rebate. This stuff happens. The key thing in good service is how you deal with the inevitable screw-ups. Scott arranged for me to immediately get a new NX5 which arrived in a couple of days while waiting for shipping instructions on returning the incomplete kit. He also went to bat for customers with Sony over delays in shipping FMU that would qualify for the $500 rebate. I have nothing but good things to say about Tapeworks.