View Full Version : DIY CFL video light 2.0

Kirk Draut
February 23rd, 2012, 04:19 PM

I've improved on my original design a bit. I helped my dad replace a light fixture at his house, and like any good packrat, cheerfully brought home the dead fixture. It was a discontinued Hampton Bay 3-light fixture that used GX23 bulbs. I stripped out the old fixtures and ballasts and tossed them.

I needed a way to mount eight bulbs and keep the overall diameter under 17" so that I could use the plastic diffuser.

I found a PVC shower drain at Home Depot that was not only the right size, but had pre-tapped tabs that would be perfect for mounting it to the base plate. I measured the outer diameter of the drain and made a template to drill for the light sockets.

Tapping the socket holes is one of my least-favorite pastimes. I made a tool to simplify tapping the holes and installing the lamp nipples. I took a long lamp nipple and cross-drilled it, then added a long bolt to serve as a handle. This works like a regular tap and I can use a hex nut to attach the short nipple and install it in the PVC drain.

Wiring was again done with wire twisties. I added an in-line switch to the cord as well.

The final size of the lighting assembly is just a shade under 17", allowing me to use the plastic diffuser. This also lets me store the fixture with the bulbs installed.

I still need to build a yoke for it, but I'm pretty happy so far.