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Les Howarth
April 4th, 2012, 05:36 PM
I've just edited a piece with pretty varied audio levels between shots and I want to apply a Maximiser to the audio tracks to match levels between those shots and then a Master Compressor-Limiter to perform a final normalisation of the finished audio before printing to file for upload to the client.

I have figured out how to split the audio and video from a track and then split track 1&2 into 2 separate, (centred) mono tracks as I typically record at different levels on 1 & 2 for safety, or Boom on channel one and Radio on channel2.

I can apply VST filters to each shot on the time-line of course, but how do I simply add one to the whole track, and then apply a final leveller and compression to the master output on the mixer to guarantee "legal" and consistent levels for each files output - for example each is part of a series, or tracks on a DVD that require matched levels?

I don't see anywhere on the mixer to apply filters, it seems to be mainly for setting overall track levels or riding the faders unless I'm really missing something.

I should add, I'm transitioning from Liquid - I've cut a few things in Edius before, and have most things sorted, trimming, FX and so on. The stuff I did previous was mainly with V.O. and music tracks or had reasonably consistent levels so this hadn't cropped up.

Anton Strauss
April 4th, 2012, 08:48 PM
have you tried the normalize tool? place it on your timeline toolbar (you can vary db values until happy)

you can normalize any or all selected clips in one hit

then you can apply the izotope mastering limiter to the first clip, adjust to -5 on the right and about -6 on left, then right click the izotope in info palette and save as user preset, then select all other clips and drag and drop the user preset and it will be applied to all in one hit
EDIUS and izotope Audio Mastering Limiter ( (shows -8 to -12 boost, but you don't need to go that high if the clips were normalized)

Les Howarth
April 5th, 2012, 07:09 AM
Thanks, It's multiple select then drag and drop then, that's what I was missing. - I'm used to dropping filters on the track header or on top of the track in the mixer. I do save users presets to the library for things like colour grading, so great I will do that with preferred audio settings too.

I found the normaliser. I will check out the Izotope settings you suggested too.