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Gary Bettan
September 15th, 2005, 10:54 AM
One of the most powerful, yet misunderstood products currently available is the Edius NX. We've been working with Canopus on the messaging for the product:

With EDIUS NX, you’re editing DV in realtime today and ready for HDV tomorrow!

Edius delivers a level of real-time performance that software based solutions simply can't come close to. With Edius NX Canopus continues the great tradition of top rated NLE solutions like DV Rex, DV Rex RT, DV Storm and the DV Storm 2, now with the additional benefits of 64-bit PCI support, analog input filtering and an easy upgrade to HD video formats like HDV, HDCAM and DVCPRO HD.

Edius NX is hardware with a FUTURE - you get unprecedented real-time DV performance today and the ability to upgrade in the future to HDV & DVCProHD. Even more important, when you do upgrade to HD in the future, you'll get the same level of real-time performance and stability that you have come to expect from Canopus NLE solutions.

Why should you buy Edius NX today?

· Edius NX combines hardware and software technology to deliver the ultimate realtime DV editing solution. More layers of video and graphics than any other hardware accelerator.

· Edius NX hardware is designed for todays faster CPUs, motherboards & bus speeds.

· Edius Pro 3 is a full featured video editor that can be customized for the way you edit. It's easy to use and loaded with all the great features you need - in real-time with the Edius NX hardware

· Edius Pro 3 software allows true mixed format editing. Now you can edit all kinds of footage in realtime, at the same time, including DV, uncompressed SD, HDV, DVCPro, MPEG2 and more.

· Edius NX hardware delivers filtering and noise reduction technology for analog input. It “cleans” VHS and other analog recordings.

· Edius NX hardware provides realtime frame rate conversion and output, including NTSC and PAL.

· Edius NX hardware is flexible. Put it in an existing slower machine and edit DV today. Put it in a faster new machine and get even more real-time performance.

· When you migrate to HDV, Edius NX comes along with you. You can edit HDV footage with base NX board, or upgrade to the HDV module for real-time HDV editing.

· Video capture and output plug-in for Adobe® Premiere® Pro, and video output plug-ins for Adobe After Effects® and Adobe Photoshop®

· Fantastic prices!! Edius NX with Edius Pro $999.95. Edius NX for HDV with Edius Pro and the real-time HD output card $1499

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