View Full Version : Canon XC10 Photos and Use

Rodger Smith
March 1st, 2016, 05:28 PM
I am considering the purchase of the Canon XC10 as: 1) another video camera; and, 2) as a still camera to replace my Canon 6D that I am using only to make photos for video productions (i.e., commercials, events, weddings, etc.) My wedding photo shoots are like 2 or 3 a year and thus I am not getting my money's worth out of all the photo gear (camera, lenses, 600rt flashes, and all it's support hardware).

Questions about the XC10:
1) Can anyone tell me of their experience working with photos on the XC10?
2) Is the frame grab software from Canon really as simple to use and provide images as good as Abel Cine shows in their YouTube video?
3) How well does FCPX handle the media format?
4) What are the biggest draw backs you find with using the XC10?
5) What do you feel is missing on the XC10?
6) Can the hot shoe be used to operate a flash?
And lastly,
7) What other camera might you had compared before choosing the XC10?

Feel free to answer as many questions above as you can and/or provide feedback. I really appreciate the input to help make this decision.

My personal equipment goals are:
- Lightweight - Highest quality images I can get for the price (value)
- Shoot Videos are broadcast commercials, event, weddings, and cinema projects
- Normal and Low light without or minimal artificial light preferred (natural is my favs)

Thanks in advance to all who respond. DrD :-)