View Full Version : Where do DVCAM ENG cameras fit on this forum ?

Derek Heeps
December 11th, 2016, 03:12 AM
Having acquired a DSR 500WSP a while back , I have looked around this forum for discussion .

Although an older camera now , and 'only' SD , it is still a nice camera and capable of producing very nice pictures .

While many have now moved on , there are lots of DSR 500/570/450 cameras changing hands for less than the price of entry level palmcorders these days : I only bought mine as a stopgap while my HDV camera was away having a new tape mech fitted ; I saw it advertised on eBay less than five miles away and since getting it now use it more and more .

I swapped the Fujinon lens for a Canon wide angle one , and bought the slot in adaptor for my Sennheisser 3000 series receiver , and got a Firestore FS-4 which mounts on the back - it is great for recording all day long conferences .

Anyway , it seems that this range of cameras has slipped through a crack in the forum , I can't be the only one using one - a friend in the BBC tells me they were still used for news up to about a year ago - so definitely an ENG shoulder mount camera , but not mentioned at all in this section of the forum ; neither is HDCAM for that matter .

These cameras are not to be found in the HDV / DV tape based section either - the other place they arguably might belong ....

Did they once have a home on here ? I wonder if there are any other orphans out there ?

Andrew Smith
December 11th, 2016, 06:55 AM
Probably fits right here in the full sized shoulder mount section. The fact that it is only SD and records to tape is a side issue.