View Full Version : Edius v3.61 - JVC settings and more

Shawn Alyasiri
December 21st, 2005, 07:58 AM
Hi all.

I've had an Edius SP system since April, and I really enjoy it. It has allowed me to temporarily 'workaround' with the HD100 footage (upres to 1440 settings, or downcovert to 720x480), while the realtime JVC/HDV 720 presets were being developed.

I guess Christmas has come early, because I was expecting the 720 24/30p settings to be issued as Edius 4 at NAB. The new 3.61 patch (as of 12/19) covers it, plus Canon settings & more.

I just installed it, but it's playing with the files nicely so far.

Thought I'd let folks know that another editing route is being honed.

Wish I could do some more 24p testing, but my HD100 has been rented for the last 3 weeks (B-roll to/with a Varicam). Good problems I guess.

Happy and safe holidays to all,

Shawn Alyasiri