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Kaushik Parmar March 10th, 2008 09:44 PM

Canon HV20 vs JVC GZHD7

I am proud owner of JVC GZHD7, and I have posted so many videos captured by me in various forums! I am sure many of you guys already seen my videos!

Now I have had Canon HV20 with me, and I was very much exited to have my hands on it! And I have had chance to compare both!

In one word I would say Canon HV20 has little edge on JVC GZHD7 in terms of picture quality otherwise JVC GZHD7 is far better than Canon HV20, indeed!

Canon HV20, I found little complicated compare to JVC, I was having terrible time to transfer all videos on my Laptop, since I was not having supplied software for Canon HV20, and so I bought IEEE 1394 fire wire for same. I was able to transfer videos on my Laptop but each time full videos from the beginning? I tired! Maybe I was not having proper software for same, I was not able to transfer particular clip on tape!

And the Zoom button is terrible on Canon HV20 compare to JVC GZHD7! JVC GZHD7 is so smooth while zooming! If anybody here has had both in there hands they will admit! And then menu is also not easy like JVC, JVC GZHD7 is so simple to use!

Canon HV20 is lighter than JVC GZHD7, Canon HV20 is very cheaply made, where JVC GZHD7 is solid build, well designed, great curves, little heavier than HV20, perfectly fit on your hand!

Canon's supplied battery in very good compare to JVC!

Canon HV20 produce very bright picture, JVC GZHD7 produce deep & rich picture, both are good!

I noticed Canon HV20 is able to produce crystal clear picture than JVC GZHD7, but that doesnít mean JVC is bad, JVC is also able to produce stunning videos no doubt!

JVC is very easy to use, very much convenient since it has HDD, very simple to transfer videos on computer! It has lots of features compare to Canon HV20. The manual controls are fantastic! The focusing ring is so smooth!

I shoot one wedding party with Canon HV20, I surprise how this cheaply made small camera can produce stunning video! Here is 10 minuts clip follow below link:


And here is my old clip which I posted on vimeo, but it was having speed problem so I fix it, if some one is interested follow below link:


Feedback/ suggestions are higly appreciate it will help me to improve me!


Aaron Courtney March 11th, 2008 06:21 PM


Originally Posted by Kaushik Parmar (Post 840378)
I surprise how this cheaply made small camera can produce stunning video!

LOL! Apparently, a few weeks ago, Sears was closing 'em out at <$300.

Kaushik Parmar March 11th, 2008 09:22 PM


Originally Posted by Aaron Courtney (Post 840855)
LOL! Apparently, a few weeks ago, Sears was closing 'em out at <$300.

Oh! Really! Did you bought it then? I would have sure bought if I would be in USA!

Aaron Courtney March 11th, 2008 11:00 PM

sadly, there were none in my area. But I read some people did get crazy deals.

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