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Eric Muehling October 27th, 2007 02:08 AM

MiniDV Tape won't play (after using Premier)
Yesterday I installed Adobe Premier and connected my Canon XH-A1 to an iMac via Firewire. The iMac is new ... and this was my first try at capturing. At first the Adobe Premier controls (play/pause/ff/fb) worked to control the XH-A1 and I captured video from a MiniDV. But after a few minutes Adobe Premier failed to control the camera's play.

Adobe Premier can still control fast forward, fast back, and pause, but the Adobe Premier PLAY BUTTON won't play this MiniDV.

OK. I unplugged the Firewire. Turned the XH-A1 off/on. Now the playback controls on the Canon XH-A1 handle DO NOT PLAY THIS TAPE. With other MiniDV casettes the Play button does work. This problem may or may not be related to Adobe Premier, but the problem occurred while using Premier.

So it looks like XH-A1 doesn't like this one MiniDV. What could cause this? This tape has valuable footage on it. I'd like to capture it. Help, please.

Even Solberg October 27th, 2007 04:27 AM

If you unplugged your A1 and it still refuses to play the tape, it certainly isn't Premiere's fault. Sorry to say it, but I suspect you've got a bad tape.

Roger Lee October 27th, 2007 08:39 AM


I use Adobe Primiere Elements 3.0 on an XP platform.

The first time I hooked up the A-1, the program said no device was connected.

I shut down the computer, turned on the A-1, hooked up the firewire connection, then booted up the computer with the A-1 on and it worked.

I really haven't had any problems since capturing video from the A-1, that is in SD....haven't tried capturing high def yet.

Re: playing your tape in the A-1. Any chance someone else has a MiniDV camera that you could try to use to play the tape?

Good luck.

Rog Lee

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