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Michael Malagon March 5th, 2009 09:26 AM

Exporting to HDV on A1
Hi All,

I need to Print to tape on my A1 and have no idea how to do that. I don't have a deck for DVCAM, but was wondering what the process is to export to an HDV tape in the camera. It might seem simple, but can someone walk me through it. Can I just do it through firewire? What setting do I need to put my camera on? I'm using Final Cut pro by the way.


Tom Hardwick March 5th, 2009 09:32 AM

Switch your Canon into the VCR mode and put it into the record/pause mode. Plug in the firewire and start to play the timeline. You should see the film play on the cam's screen and hear the audio through the tiny speaker. Back to the start of the timeline. Drop out of pause and set the timeline playing. Done.

Michael Malagon March 5th, 2009 09:42 AM

Thanks for your quick reply. How do I get it into play/pause mode while in VCR mode? when I hit record, nothing happens. Are there settings in final cut that need to be changed?

Tom Hardwick March 5th, 2009 10:04 AM

FCP is simply playing your timeline - no settings to be changed there. The camcorder is now switched to being a VCR. You're not hitting the record button as if it were a camera, are you? Do you not have an instruction book?

Battle Vaughan March 5th, 2009 10:37 AM

Open the menu in vcr mode, select signal setup, select timecode menu (select copy to keep the original timecode). Select hdv/dv in, select setting option, close menu. Connect the camera to your source, set power dial to vcr, press the record button (located under the door on top of the carry handle), start your timeline playback, should be ok. /Battle Vaughan /miamiherald.com video team

John Stakes March 5th, 2009 11:30 AM

And remember to always have the camera powered off when connecting or disconnecting firewire.


Michael Malagon March 5th, 2009 02:52 PM

Thanks for all of your help. Greatly Appreciated.

Brian David Melnyk March 6th, 2009 04:29 AM

i had some problems printing to tape with FCPS2 and XH-A1...
here's the thread with info i found. i think i followed some order of the instructions and it finally worked...

XH-A1 FCPS2: can't print to video HDV - The Digital Video Information Network

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