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John Guthrie March 2nd, 2018 05:32 AM

VL lens on the XLH1
Is there any way of using/adapting a VL lens mount to use it on the XLH1?

The reason I ask is because my old EX1 terminated itself and there is one of its lenses I would like to try to use on the XLH1.

The lens is the 250mm F4 mirror. I was wondering if would be possible (if I could get one) to replace the VL bayonet with an XL one.

As always any help will be greatly appreciated.


Don Palomaki March 3rd, 2018 03:18 PM

Re: VL lens on the XLH1
This was kicked around perhaps 20 years ago, and no solution ever came forth that I am aware of. I quote from a 14 year old post on another board.

"This was a speculation about 5+ years ago when the XL1 was in the wings, announcd but not shipping. To make a long story shirt, the VL lens is not suitable for DV in the XL1 - it was designed to provide Hi8 resolution (~420 lines) on the 1/2" CCD of the L1/L2 series camcorder. That would net to about 330 lines on the 1/3" CCD of the XL1 series. And the 8mm minimum focal length [of the standard lens] would not be as wide as the XL1 standard lens.

It probably could be done technically with the proper adapter, but it would not be a good match optically."

The L1/2 were USA models , don't know if that model was used "down under" but if you have access to a machine shop feel free to try.. The body-to-lens electrical handshaking may not work. The resolution loss is likely due to optical anti-aliasing.

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