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Viktor Zahtila March 27th, 2007 08:31 PM

Newbie S.O.S. - shooting SD music video!
Ok, so I'm getting my XL H1 in a week, and shooting the next day, or two, so I don't have time to test things. I've read many threads, but I still can't find an answer in laimans terms for my problems.

So, here are a few things that are troubling me, and I hope I'll get some simple answers, thank you very much ;)

I'm shooting a music video and the client wants a DVD or a DV tape of a standard definition video.

1. Is it better to shoot in SD mode, or shoot in HD mode and then downconvert to SD. (Editing time is not a problem) How does an HD movie file look if, for example, I play it in windows media player on a normal 17" lcd monitor?? Do I even need to downconvert to SD? And if I do it, should I do it using the camera's downconverter or doing it on a computer? Please elaborate, I have no idea how does a HD movie file look or act. My priority is the best looking picture. :)

2. I've heard about some artifacts when you are shooting in 24f and moving your camera rapidly. Exactly, how fast can I pan and tilt my camera, and how fast can subjects move in front of the camera, and have no visible problems?

John Benton March 27th, 2007 10:12 PM

1) While I haven't tried it - I have heard HD down converted correctly is nicer.
2) The 24f motion I believe depends on the shutter speed just be attentive. If you want to really move fast shoot in 60i & conform

Kevin Martorana March 27th, 2007 10:16 PM


Couple of things from my point of view.

Don't use the H1 as a SD camera. I tried shooting 2 projects with it in SD...and was dissappointed. There was terrible aliasing in vertical and horizontal lines.

I spoke with Canon about it....basically their response was:..."the chips are 16x9 and resolution is designed for HD. If you want to shoot SD...shoot 16x9 SD or HD...then centerpunch your output for a SD delivery."

Now...I understand the chipsize...but the quality in SD was confusing. I will say this...as a HD camera...it rivals those that are twice the price. No question.
I have NEVER been dissappointed with any footage shot with the H1 in HD...whether 24f or 60i.

My suggestion...shoot HD. Depending on the editing system you are using...you can do a downconvert to SD when you are done.

FCP and most major NLE's are accepting HDV and Canon's 24 f.

As far a fast motion...yes. If you're shooting 24f...you wat to make slow pans. It's just like film...fast panning becomes blurry. If you have lots of fast motion that has to be shot...60i would be a good choice.

Carlos Quinones March 29th, 2007 05:49 PM

XL-H1...Great unit...

I recommend you to learn your system well.
You wont be able to get 100% out of the camera if you are just getting sugestions from every body, don;t get me wrong...that helps, but is not the same as you take some time and learn how much can you do.

We have our first H1 one year ago, and it took us time to learn it because the new systems taht canon is using in these camera. We are very satisfy with the H1, and we are getting 2 more next month.
Best thing to do, get you system and practice and learn it well.
You could do much more than what you think with the H1.

About the 24f, paning, etc: the H1 is the only camera clousest to any arri or aanton film cameras...so you will have the same problems with a film camera you have to have you time paning and tilting, because you have to let the camera capture the most information it can during dose 24f per second.

Learn it and play with it before you go infront a customer...
Don;t try to learn on site, it does not look good...

Take care and good luck,

Show us some of your work once you shoot with the H1.

Carlos Quinones
It's Written Productions, LLc.

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