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John X. DeMaio September 29th, 2002 10:06 PM

Travel tips and info on the Portabrace HKP-3 Hiker Pack
Does anyone have the HKP-3 Hiker pack from Portabrace. I have the Portabrace Traveler but I'm thinking about switching because there just doesn't seem to be enough room. Some of the places where I will be shooting make it tough to bring more than two bags so I thought this might be an option. Any suggestions?

Also, I'd like to hear some travel suggestions from all of you. I've been in the biz six years as a commercial shooter/director but a new personal project has me traveling all over the place. I feel like a rookie again! Anyway, next week is my first stop (FRANCE) and I'm a little nervous about the whole thing so some travel tips would be greatly appreciated!


Ed Frazier October 1st, 2002 07:58 AM

John, I purchased the PortaBrace Hiker with my XL1S and decided to exchange it for the Traveler. What I noticed was that no matter how you placed the camera in the bag, when zipped closed, the top/cover contacted the lens barrel and even applied a bit of pressure on it when closed. I did find the bag to have more usable area than the Traveler, but I was worried that the constant contact with the lens would eventually cause problems. You might want to try before you buy. That problem may have been fixed since it was about a year ago that I returned the case.

Marcus Farrar October 1st, 2002 12:25 PM

I ran through a lot of ideas heading on a big shoot over seas. The Hiker Pro is a big bag. If you will be doing a lot of walking just think of all that stuff you will put on your back for hours. Not a pretty site. I would reccomend splitting your gear into two bags. I edded up getting the Lowepro Photo Trekker. It has plenty of space for most of your stuff. I actually got everything I need in mine except the tripod. I don't care for those little travel tripods. I need the real thing with a real head. All my gear fits into this bag. I will admit after a few miles of hiking it got heavy. I am in good shape but am no hiker.

If you are able to see a Hiker Pro on location I would reccoment going in and try it on. It is a great bag and I am a real Porta Brace fan. All my outher bags are made by them. I just think the Hiker Pro is a little big unless you are used to hiking with big bags.

If you travel by plane the Lowepro will be able to go on the plane with you. Most airlines will let you take two bags on. One medium size bag and another small one.

I was turned onto the LowePro Trekker Classic from this site.


Hey I know how you feel I just did my biggest shoot in Kenya (Africa). I am still editing. I came out great. I had no trouble in the airlines. They did want to look inside the bag at the camer. I have heard that some people have had to actually cut the camera on to prove it is a working camera. I was too scard to let my camera be thrown around on the belly of the plane so I took it on with me and everywhere I went.

Keith Loh October 1st, 2002 01:04 PM

<<<-- Originally posted by marcuskf : I have heard that some people have had to actually cut the camera on to prove it is a working camera. -->>>

CUT the camera?

Dylan Couper October 1st, 2002 04:25 PM

Must be a typeo.
I hope. :0

Mike Butler October 9th, 2002 07:16 PM

Cut it on? Like maybe switch it on? I have had them make me do that, and I've noticed that the TSA types get a real thrill out of techky stuff like this and want to look at all the extras (wireless mics, etc.)

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