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Richard Lubash December 5th, 2001 06:23 AM

Will a GY-DV500UL & XL1s work together
As you may have seen from my previous post I am thinking of trading our XL1 for an (s) model. In addition I am considering getting a JVC GY-DV500UL as a second camera. My questions are:

Will I miss the XL1 "film" mode in the JVC camera

Will the XL1s and JVC intercut well or will color balance and look" be a problem

I already have a heavy investment in XL1 lenses (14x manual, 16x manual, 16x auto, 3x wide angle and was considering a second XL1s body with B&W viewfinder until I found out the JVC would cost the same thus leaving me in a quandary. My only complaint with the XL1 is that I have not found it exceptionally comfortable in hand held (could be my size 6'6") and hear the JVC is ergonomically better in the HH mode.

Once again any help would be appreciated.

Richard Lubash

Note: Chris, if this is too off topic please feel free to direct me to the right group.

John Klein December 6th, 2001 10:58 PM

No true hands on experience to compare, but...

Since the Canon is softer, I'd probably be more likely to use the larger chip cam for wider shots. It will likely have better resolution in the smaller details. Then use the Canon for the tighter shots. But if you do two shots right after one another of the same subject, just different angles (etc.), there's got to be some noticeable difference.

Color balance will be "fun." Personal guess is just to add a bit of magenta to the JVC stuff to match the Canon. Maybe make a white balancing card (for the JVC) with a touch of green on it to fool the cam to a warmer white balance. Although I don't know how much as I hear the JVC is a bit greenish, just like the XL1's being a bit magenta (opposite ends of color by the way) naturally.

My thought is to do this with a Sony 1/3" on the broad shots and an XL1S for the close ups. Sucks, 'cuz I like the idea of that 3x wide lens, but if it's not going to record the small little details as well as the sony, I'm stuck.

Also would think that a pd150 would be easier to match to a JVC500 than an XL1. Both because the sony is cooler (cyan is partly green) and sharper. Some test I read said the sony taped 500 lines and the JVC500 had about 490 lines of resolution. If used live, I'd think the JVC would be much better. I guess the tape section matters just like the chip section!

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