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Olie Walker August 24th, 2009 07:15 AM

issue with loud noise on export 5.1 with cineform AVI from premiere
Hi there,
ive been using prospect hd now with CS4 for a while and my process for outputting for say a SD dvd from a 1080p timeline is as follows.

Output as cineform AVI without audio, so i can get a master avi (if i select audio then its a loud screeching noise )

Once avi is finished i then import into timeline (5.1) and then i can output with media encoder - MPEG2-DVD or so.... this is my workround for poor media encoder quality issue as david showed on his blog, its always felt soft when a dvd is produced from premiere.

This then will then allow me to encode the 5.1 - or stereo from the timeline with the cineformavi as the video

Im happy to encode sd-dvd projects with standard PCM stereo sound if its inside a cineform avi but the audio never works. I saw some issue like this before on here but not sure if it got fixed.

My ideal output would be cineform AVI with stereo sound - direct into encore and let that downsample and work out the 576i from 1080p
am i in the right thinking for maximum sd quality?

Im using CS4 latest patched version, cineform prospect hd latest version v4.0 Build 219b.
Soundblaster titanium X-fi premiere is using ASIO mappings for 5.1 and works great.

any ideas?


Olie Walker October 31st, 2009 09:37 AM

still have this issue of loud noise
With latest prospectHD updates, if im authoring a 5.1 project and i need a cineform master, i want to keep some audio for re-syncing later on but if i select audio (which will be stereo im fine with that) it still produces a kind of 0db feedback audio track.

Can you shed some light?

many thanks

Matt Vanecek November 1st, 2009 08:34 PM

I've been reporting that same issue for months, now. I even have a trouble ticket open on it. It's really annoying to have to export a stereo mixdown, reimport that mixdown, and then export the CFHD AVI master--it's a time-waster. All other codecs export the audio correctly.

It seems to happen 100% of the time on longer clips (5 minutes & up). Shorter clips seem to have the problem intermittently--the shorter the export, the less likely to have screwed-up audio from 5.1 sources. The CF support team was wanting an example project, but being able to reliably export a short-enough project (to keep the upload sizes) with screwed-up audio has been on the back burner. I think the smallest I'll be able to upload is 5GB, if I hear back from CF that they'll accept such large uploads.

Keep the faith! You are not alone in this, and I'm ecstatic to hear that I'm not alone, either!

Assuming you can reliably reproduce the issue, please do open a trouble ticket with CF.


Olie Walker November 3rd, 2009 05:36 AM

Hi Matt,
well today ive been making a stereo 48khz project to try to remedy the problem, even though i wanted to make it 5.1, its 15mins long but my master CF export still has the loud noise on it, it is a pain having to export files without sound but i need the master CF 1080p avi :)

ill have to raise a ticket with this, im glad someone else is having the same problems.


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