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Roman Stikel September 22nd, 2011 08:26 AM

Question about Quality of HDMI Cables
Hi, everyone, being a constant NanoFlash user I have a quick question about the Qulaity of HDMI Cables. I ussually record at 22mbs, Is there a difference in quality of HDMI cables and is there a certain specification to use. Thanks Roman

William Urschel October 4th, 2011 07:15 AM

Re: Question about Quality of HDMI Cables
Roman, I don't have a response for you about the specification to use. But I can tell you that I spent hours and hours on the Internet a couple of years ago relative to the quality of HDMI cables, and YES, there is a considerable difference. In a nutshell, DEPENDING UPON THE APPLICATION, in order to run a conventional hi-def signal 1080p 30fps for 15 feet, it appears that just about any old HDMI cable will do - it is NOT USUALLY necessary to spend $100 on a "premium" 1 meter cable! BUT, if you have LONG cable runs
(let's say, 70 feet), then it can make a huge difference. I am running a 75 foot HDMI cable, without in-line amplifiers or other signal enhancers, between a receiver and a projector, both high quality - what I see on a 109 inch wide screen is stunning, with the blu ray discs I produce - 1080p, 30fps - low noise, no data blocking, etc., just a great picture, with excelent fidelity to the original shot (Sony EX1, with Nano, of course).

Now, here's the rest of the story - almost all of the literature out there indicates that to maintain signal integrity (or even a signal at all!) with a 75 foot HDMI cable run, one will need in-line electronic enhancement of some kind - I am also given the same information by local theater installers, and of course, national retailers who love to make huge profit margins on Monster Cables, etc.. And some of them appear to honest in their intent, allbeit ignorant otherwise.

Soooo, how do I manage? I purchase and recommend BLUE JEANS CABLES (you can Google them). And I use thier top of the line cables, whether three feet in length or 75 feet. Given their supurb performance and
thier very reasonable prices, I have found nothing better. Read their site, and all will be explained.

I am not associated with Blu Jeans in any way! But no matter the application, I would recommend them over all others. I hope this has been helpful!

Best regards,

Bill Urschel

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