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LAFCPUG various announcements

The Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group (lafcpug) will hold its monthly gathering this Wednesday August 28, beginning at 6:45PM PM at the LA Film School in Hollywood CA.

It will be "Things that make your life with FCP just a bit Better" night featuring a demo of the brand new DV Companion for OSX by the author himself, Philip Hodgetts. Plus Vol2 of the remarkable effects package, CGM Transitions and Filters for Final Cut Pro with FCP guru and trainer Andrew Balis.

The boys from Digital Film Tree will show off version 2.1 of the AJA Kona Capture Card. Promax's JD Wilcox will have a little "Fun with FCP Keyboard Shortcuts and Modifier keys." Aaton Cohen-Sitt will demo "Gorilla" a suite of software tools designed to assist the creative individual in making a film, or a video. And if thats not enough, we will present another round of "Stump the Gurus," present three awesome show and tells and yes, cap off the evening with another World Famous Raffle.

Doors open 6:00PM for what it sure to be the "hottest" meeting of the year. It is afterall August in Southern California.

But the LAFS has AC

Go to the lafcpug web site for all the details and directions to the LA Film School.

Michael Horton
Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group
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FCP Event at NAB

The Final Cut Pro User Group Network <> which consists of over 25 FCP User Groups from around the world will gather in Las Vegas, Wednesday, April 9 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel's Tradewinds Ballroom as part of the annual NAB convention.

On the Agenda, which is still being set, will be "Stump the Gurus" a FCP troubleshooting question and answer session with some of the Countries top FCP Gurus. Also, "Meet the FCP Team" where Final Cut Pro Product Designer Brian Meaney will be joined by other members of the FCP Team for a Q and A and demo.

Ramy Katrib and Zed Saeed of Digital FilmTree in Los Angeles will show how they online NBC's hit comedy, "Scrubs" using FCP and the AJA Kona Card.

Plus there will be "Show and Tells," plenty of food and drink, and a raffle with prizes totaling close to $10,000.

Doors will open at 6:00PM and seating will be first come, first serve. The FCPUG Network will request a $5.00 donation at the entrance.

For more details on this event go to the Los Angeles FCPUG (lafcpug) web site.

Michael Horton
Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group
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This sounds like a cool deal - I'm planning on attending. Actually if I make it to this months meeting Vegas will be the SECOND user group meeting I've ever been to...
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I never miss these, when possible -- looking forward to this one, as usual -- the raffle is well worth the $5 cover. This will be a great event, as always -- hope to see some of you there. I'll be hanging out in the back with a beer (but no talking during the presentations, please). See ya there,

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Hi Chris

Cant guarantee no talking but can guarantee plenty of beer.


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How long do these meetings generaly run?
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My regular meetings run a good 3 + hours. NAB looks to run about 2-2 1/2 hours. We generally like to keep the National shows shorter cause everyone is so tired.

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3 + hours. Oh my. It's going to take me close to 3 hours to get home after an LA meeting. With a 4am alarm clock, maybe I'll just make the Vegas meeting and pass on next week.
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We have DVDs of all the meetings. Check the lafcpug Store.

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lafcpug to meet March 26

Here is the line up:

6:45PM - 7:15PM Stump the Gurus
lafcpugs monthly FCP troubleshooting Q and A, this month with lafcpug regular Ken Stone, Andrew Balis, and special guest Gurus, Steve Martin of Ripple Training , and FCP Guru, Larry Jordan. They will field questions from the audience in hopes of solving your problem. If they can't and you stump them, you get to pick whatever you want from the Raffle Table. Course you still have your problem but at least you go home with something.

7:20PM - 7:35PM - Tip/Trick of the Month
Steve Martin of Ripple Training will show us how to make a motion menu in FCP and import it into iDVD3

7:35PM - 8:00PM - Plug-ins from Digital Film Tools - Marco Paloni
Marco Paloni from Digital FilmTools will show us the latest and greatest plug ins from their 55mm collection. Plus a look at Zmatte and Composite Suite.

8:00PM - 8:10PM - Open Source Cinema -- Brian Flemming
Brian Flemming, director of the acclaimed Bill Gates-assassination mock-doc "Nothing So Strange," will show off his new DVD. The DVD is not "Nothing So Strange" itself but rather a compilation of video and audio "evidence" related to the Gates assassination. And here's the kicker--you buy the DVD, you get the copyright. You can use any footage on it, including the Zapruder-like shot of the assassination, in any project you wish, without seeking permission. Inspired by the open-source software movement, Brian considers this an experiment in grass-roots marketing and distribution, and says, "I make no claim that I know exactly what I'm doing here."
Film site:

8:10 - 8:30PM - Great Visual Effects - Phil Hodgetts
Intelligent Assistance Phil Hodgetts will show us how to do effects in FCP using only what's in FCP, plus show us what's in IA's latest CD, Great visual Effects, an excellent "do it with me" tutorial CD on working with effects in FCP.

8:30PM - 8:50PM - Break
Past meeting DVDs will be on sale $15.00. Plus Promax will be showing off groovy new toys. And Intelligent Assistance will be selling the brand new Great visual Effects, as well as the must have DV Companion. Plus the "lafcpug Guru Table" where you can get your problems solved by going to the Guru Table and asking a Guru who hopefully will be sitting in one of the chairs at the Guru Table.

8:50PM - 9:15PM - 5 Favorite Ways to achieve a "film Look." - JD Wilcox
Once again we will look at what is perhaps the most requested presentation lafcpug receives, how to achieve a film look in FCP. Well Promax's JD Wilcox has 5 favorite methods and will show them all.

9:15PM - 9:30PM -Creating a Motion Favorite - Guy Cochran
DV Creators Guy Cochran is back, this time to show us how to create a motion favorite to apply to a range of clips for quick, smooth automated moves. This is a HUGE time saver folks.

9:30PM - 9:40PM - "Derelect" - Bill Lippincott & Paul Kelleher -Show and Tell
"We did this video for the Band 'Macho Pinto'. I am friends with them and for the past year they had been telling me "you are going to be our DERELICT ...if we ever make the video". Somewhere around Dec 7th or 8th I saw the LAFCPUG call for entries and I asked/told them I should make the video. They said yes, I asked Paul to help. then write, shoot, edit, boom drove it to your house on the 29th. So the user group
inspired me to get us to complete our first '100% ours' project."

9:40PM - 9:50PM - World Famous Raffle
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FCP 4 to debut in LA, April 23

Next Meeting of the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group will be Wednesday, April 23, 6:45PM PM at the Digital Cinema Lab, 6433 Hollywood Blvd

The Los Angeles Debut of Final Cut Pro 4

Join us for a up close, personal, and in depth look at FCP 4.0. as FCP Product designer Brian Meaney and FCP Product Manager Paul Saccone will be down from Cupertino to go in depth, take questions, and gather feedback on all things FCP 4. This will be a rare opportunity to be among the first to see this app in action, up close and demoed by the folks who built it. And yes there will be PLENTY of time for Q and A.

Plus a quick tour of the "Future of Digital Cinema" with the head of the Entertainment Technology Center, Charles Swartz, and of course, Stump the Gurus, and World Famous Raffle.

The Digital Cinema Lab is housed in the old Hollywood Pacific Theater and has a seating capacity of over 1000 so there will be plenty of seats. And what better venue to discuss the future of FCP then in the place where the future of Digital Cinema is and will be determined.

Agenda (Subject to change)

6:45PM - 7:10PM Stump the Gurus
lafcpugs monthly FCP troubleshooting Q and A, this month with lafcpug regular Ken Stone, Andrew Balis, and special guest Gurus, Steve Martin of Ripple Training , and author, Lisa Brenneis. They will field questions from the audience in hopes of solving your problem. If they can't and you stump them, you get to pick whatever you want from the Raffle Table. Course you still have your problem but at least you go home with something.

7:15PM - 7:30PM - The Future of Digital Cinema - Charles Swartz
The Digital Cinema Lab is housed under the umbrella of the Entertainment Technology Center run by the University of Southern California. It's chief mission is to "be a global leader in providing a test bed for digital cinema distribution and exhibition, as well as for the growing use of digital cinema technology in image creation and post production." In other words this is the place where the future of digital cinema is being determined. Charles Swartz, head of the ETC will talk a bit on what they do and how they do it, and show an 8 minute film that will knock your socks off.

7:35PM - 8:30PM - Final Cut Pro 4 - Brian Meaney and Paul Saccone
Quite possibly the most anticipated release of what is certainly the most widely used NLE software in the world, FCP 4 finally makes it Los Angeles debut. With over 300 enhancements to the UI and "helper apps" such as LiveType, SoundTrack, Cinema Tools, and Compressor, it can be said with some truth, that prior to FCP 4, all of us were using FCP "Lite."

FCP Product Manger Paul Saccone will begin by giving us all a brief overview of FCP 4 including the 4 Helper Apps. Paul will then be joined by FCP Product Designer Brian Meaney as they will attempt to go through as much of those 300 new enhancements to the UI as time allows. Many of these enhancements you will be seeing for the first time, anywhere.

8:30PM - 8:55PM - Break
There will be plenty going on before, during, and after the show in the HUGE main lobby. We are attempting to bring a little bit of NAB to you and as of this moment there will be representatives from AJA, Medea, DV Creators, Promax, Digital Anarchy, Intelligent Assistance, and Apple. They will be showing off such cool toys as new Io BOB from AJA, storage solutions from Medea, the 17" PowerBook from Promax, FCP Tips and Tricks from DV Creators, "Text Anarchy" from Digital Anarchy, and the X Serve Raid from Apple. Intelligent Assistance will be on hand to sell DV Companion and Great Visual Effects. Digital FilmTree will be selling the brilliant Color Corrector for Final Cut Pro DVD. And much much more. Keep watching this page.

9:00 - 9:45PM - FCP 4 Q and A and feedback - Brian Meaney and Paul Saccone
This is where it gets fun. You, the audience have the floor and you determine what we see and learn through your questions and feedback. The better the question, the deeper we go into the app. This is YOUR time so come prepared.

9:45PM - 9:55PM - World Famous Raffle

For more info including directions to the Digital Cinema Lab and parking Instructions, go to the lafcpug web site.

Michael Horton
Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group
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Lafcpug DVD on LA Debut of FCP 4 now shipping

This is cut and paste from Ralph Fairweather who now authors our DVDs.

Forgive me, but a shameless plug follows....

You can see the ?LA Debut of FCP 4? at LAFCPUG April 23, with over 2 hours of Brian Meaney and Paul Saccone from Apple/FCP holding forth and previewing the 300+ new workflow features in FCP4, in the comfort of your home entertainment center.

Went all out, and indexed it with about 80 Chapter Markers, with one-click access from the Index menu to all the following subjects.

--Ralph Fairweathwer


Undo In-Out points

3 dB increase in audio on ETT

Modify Speed in TL w-o rippling

Making clean text

Travel Mattes - Alpha and Luma

Font Management

Using Media Manager

Find Unused Clips


Deinterlace web graphics

Setting Autosave Preferences

Activate Timeline Window


Creative Freedom

Professional Features

Extensible and Flexible

Price and Availability


What is the Kona card?

What does Io look like?

Io Technical Specifications

Pricing and Availability


RT Extreme



Audio Mixing


Audio Mixer Rundown

Reveal Master Clip

Merge Clips

New Track Patch Panel

New Auto-select Feature

Autosave Improvements

New Master Clip Behavior

Custom Column Layouts

Trimming Enhancements

Customize Keyboard

Time Remapping

Resize Individual Tracks

Scroll Wheel Support


Support for control surfaces

Importing your own loops

Preserving render files

File formats in SoundTrack

MPEG compression workflow

Any stop-motion feature?

Cinema Tools

Compose 5.1 audio in SoundTrack

Audio pulldown

Moving files to LiveType

Audio effects and nesting

Sound change lists

Dupe frame detection

OMF support for 24-bit

Future of multicam support

Script-based editing

Tempo changes in SoundTrack

Multiple audio In and Out

Backward compatibility with FCP 3

Capturing across TC breaks

Live capture in camera mode

Volume automation

Upgrade path

Control-click for reel names

Throughput for uncompressed video

Education discounts

Frame View in Color Correction


Clip names in Media Manager

Audio sample rate conversion

Apple listens

Plugin support

SAN support

Undo history

Secondary color correction

More preserving render file

RT Extreme and 3rd-party cards

HDR and 32-bit float rendering

Importing files into LiveType

Timeline selection shortcut

Realtime and Io uncompressed

24 frames per sec and TC

New Item Properties functionality

Going from FCP to LiveType

10-bit log and Cineon files

FCP and TC-Out

Sub-pixel processing algorithms

Apple and Firewire drives

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Extreme Sports at next lafcpug meeting

Next Meeting will be Wednesday, May 28, 6:45PM PM at the LA Film School in Hollywood

"Extreme Sports Night"

Tonight's meeting will be a visual feast of thrills, spills and general mayhem, all things associated with getting footage of "extreme sports" onto tape. From top fuel dragsters to skateboarding to BMX, tonight will feature some of the wildest footage you can imagine and feature camera mounts and equipment never before seen, techniques you need to know, and plenty of ideas to take home. Wear a helmet for this one folks and bring the kids. It's going to be fun. Get there early as we will also being showing a very cool slide show compiled by Sports Photograher Tony Donaldson as part of the pre show festivities. These pictures will really get you in the mood.

Agenda (subject to change and it probably will)

6:45-7:15PM - Stump the Gurus
Ken Stone, Andrew Balis, and Steve Martin of Ripple Training will field your questions and concerns about FCP, and if they can't solve your problem or answer your How 2, then you get your pick of the raffle table. Of course you still go home with your problem but at least you get something for the pain.

7:20 - 7:45PM - Hands Free Video System - Rick and Chris Boggs and Jake
Rick and Chris Boggs are brothers who are the principle owners of CatchItCam, a hands free video system that is used for such sports as mountain biking, snowboarding, motorcycling, auto racing, surfing, etc. They will not only demonstrate the usefulness of this very cool system but show clips of what this system has captured over the years.

You can catch a bit of what they will show at the catchit cam web site. They will also be set up in the lobby so you can touch and play with the system. In addition, Rick's Guide Dog Jake will be on hand to take questions about his owners development of the GuideDogCam, a camera mount for Jake designed to share the awesome work these dogs do, but do so from their perspective.

7:45PM - 8:00PM - Extreme Sports - Chuck Eastman
Chuck Eastman has been editing extreme sports for years and will show us clips from ice & rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, etc plus take questions.

8:00 - 8:15PM - Motor Racing - Howie Zechner
Howie Zechner will be showing parts of the 2002 United States Speedway National. It's the race that decides what rider will wear the #1 for the 2003 season. This event features Americas best riders on 500cc fuel powered brakeless motorcycles. Howie's company RAZ Video Productions has produced this event since 1983.
From Howie:
"Originally it was shot and edited on 3/4 and then Betacam. Two years ago I went to a school taught by Steve Martin and he showed me the digital light with FCP. The 2002 National was shot on my own digital cameras and edited on a 733 G4 just like the one Steve taught me on. Needless to say I pushed it to the hilt. I had 14 hrs of raw footage from 6 digital cameras and 2 hours of betacam footage that I converted over to D/V. It came out real, but I bought a Power Mac G4 1.42GHz Dual Processor so I could cut down on render time in future projects. It also allowed me to send my product out on DVD. Talent on Speedway National was done by myself, Bruce Flanders (the CART and Long Beach Grand Prix announcer) and Terry "Ike" Clanton, the Costa Mesa speedway announcer and author of the book "Wyatt Earp Murdered My Cousin". Besides doing Speedway, RAZ is also the house video company for the new Irwindale Speedway NASCAR track.

8:20-8:35PM - Skateboard Videos- Brandon Schrichten -
17 year old Brandon Schrichten has been skateboarding for 5 years and has been editing and filming skateboard videos for 3 years. In addition, Brandon also works for recording artist Richard Klender who owns and just completed his new CD titled "RAIN." in which he edited and directed four music videos for the CD compilation. His current skateboarding video is called "Plus One."
Brandon uses the trademark name "Three Amigos" on all of his videos and hopes to attend Film School upon graduation from High School.

8:35-8:55PM Break
Lots going on in the lobby for the break. Promax will hopefully be showing off new toys as they often do. The Guru Table will be open once again staffed with FCP Gurus to solve all your problems. Intelligent Assistance will also be on hand selling the must have DV Companion, Troubleshooter, and groovy "Great Visual Effects" CDs. Digital FilmTree should also be on hand selling the awesome "Color Correction for FCP DVD." Furthermore CatchItCam will also be in the lobby showing off the awesome hands free video systems they have developed. And if that's not enough to suck the life out of your wallet, FCP 3 Keyboard KeyGuides will be on sale for the low low price of $7.00

9:00-9:25PM - More tools you can Use - Jim Greer
Jim Greer will be talk about "how do you do this?" including setting up camera mounts, lip stick cameras and the use of direct to Hard Drive recording, techniques he employs in his work as DP for Top Fuel Dragster (330 Miles per hour in 4.5 seconds) and Shifter Cart (those little go-Carts that run 140 MPH) events. Least you think one must do motor racing to use the techniques and equipment Jim employs, wait till you see this.

9:25-9:35PM - SuperCross, BMX and Skateboard - Evan Nesbit
DP Evan Nesbit will show us a trailer from the 35mm feature "SuperCross" a multi million dollar feature on Motocross racing. Plus footage he shot for Vans and Ford featuring National Champion BMX and Skateboarders. He will also take questions.

9:35PM-9:50PM - Extreme Sports - Todd Grossman
Director Todd Grossman has shot numerous films, documentaries and commercials for such clients as ESPN, Fox Sports and Sony Pictures. Grossman was nominated for best documentary of the year, for XXX: A FILMMAKERS DIARY. A former professional inline skater as well as competetive skateboarder and snowboarder, Todd has shot, edited, and directed everything ranging from Logic Skateboard Media's home video series, to followcaming the bike/blade/board athletes in the ramps at summer contests. As an athlete and actor he has appeared in various feature films and commercials such as BATMAN & ROBIN, and starred in the Michael Bay directed NIKE Superbowl commercial series, THE ALPHA PROJECT. Todd will show various clips from his large body of work and take questions.

9:50-10:00PM World Famous Raffle

Further info can be had here

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lafcpug to meet June 25

Next Meeting will be Wednesday, June 25, 6:30PM - until we drop, at the LA Film School in Hollywood

"lafcpug's 3 year Anniversary"

Tonight's meeting will celebrate the three year Anniversary of lafcpug and the birth of FCP 4 and it will be HUGE. Well of course it will. To help us celebrate we are bringing in Andrew Baum of Pinnacle to show off the brand new Cinewave 4 for Jaguar, Tim Wilson to show off Boris Red 3GL (boy is it fast) FCP 4 RT Extreme, Show and Tells, Stump the Gurus and World Famous Raffle. Also in the lobby will be Promax showing off new toys, 12 inch Design showing off their very cool motion graphic backgrounds, the FCP Guru table AND Panasonic showing off the brand new SDX900 DVCPRO Camera and the AJ-SD930 DVCPRO 50 Deck running under FCP4. Whew!

Get here early. Doors will open at 5:30PM and once the seats are filled we close them.


Agenda (subject to change)

6:30PM - 7:15PM - Stump the Gurus
To allow for questions concerning FCP 4 we are adding 15 minutes to this months Stump the Gurus. Join FCP Gurus, Andrew Balis, Ken Stone and special guests author and educator Charles (Chawla) Roberts ("FCP 2 for Firewire Editing" and Final Cut Express) Daniel Berube, Founder of the Boston FCP UG, and Steve Martin of Ripple Training as they will attempt to answer all of your questions and solve all of your problems concerning FCP. If they can't solve your problem or answer your How 2, then you get your pick of the raffle table. Of course you still go home with your problem but you get your pick of the raffle table

7:20PM - 7:45PM RT Extreme - Steve Martin
So how extreme is FCP 4 RT Extreme,? What kind of RT can you expect on YOUR Mac? What is this "Safe Mode"? What filters and transitions work with RT Extreme. Steve Martin will answer all these questions and more as we go in depth and inside RT Extreme and try our best to break it.

7:45PM -7:55PM "Turquoise" Show and Tell - GiGi Mullins and Stephen Savage
Turquoise is the first feature-length digital video western, presented by the creative team of GiGi Mullins and Stephen Savage. This is the first feature for both Savage and Mullins, who is only the second woman since the silent film era to direct a western. Mullins also served as the project's editor, working entirely with Final Cut Pro. Savage wrote the award-winning script and played the lead character, as well as composing the film's score and editing sound. Turquoise is a true independent endeavor, produced on a micro-budget of less than $7000, with principal photography completed in just 3 weeks. The quality of the final product, we are proud to say, far surpasses the limitations of money and time.
For more information visit their web site

7:55PM - 8:30PM - Cinewave 4 - Andrew Baum
There is no other Capture card on the market with as many Real Time Effects as Cinewave 4. Now with support for Jaguar and FCP 4 and (just announced) "Live Type," Cinewave 4 is shaping up to be the premier SD AND HD solution for FCP 4 users. Who better to show it to us than the original product manager for Final Cut Pro and now current product manager for Cinewave, Andrew Baum. Andrew is always entertaining and Cinewave 4 is a must see even if you are not in the market for a SD or HD solution.

8:30PM - 8:55PM - Break
In the Lobby will be Promax showing off new toys, Cinewave 4 for Jaguar and the brand new Panasonic AJ-SD930 DVCPRO 50 Deck running under FCP4. (hook it up via firewire folks) Intelligent Assistance will also be showing off the must have Troubleshooter for FCP and Great Visual FX CDs.
Panasonic reps will also be on hand (BEFORE the meeting only) showing off the new SDX900 DVCPRO Camera. Also in the lobby will be 12 inch Design showing off their very cool and highly original Motion Graphics backgrounds. Plus another addition of the FCP Guru table where we "guarantee" you'll get your FCP 4 questions answered.

8:55PM - 9:30PM - Boris Red 3GL - Tim Wilson
Forget everything you know about Boris Red. You haven't seen it until you see the brand new Boris Red 3GL. And no one shows it better than lafcpug favorite Tim Wilson. Boris Red 3GL is the first integrated 3D compositing, titling, and effects application to implement OpenGL hardware acceleration technology and it is wicked fast and works INSIDE FCP or as a stand alone application. If you dont understand Open GL hardware acceleration technology you will after this presentation. It is the future and the future is here.

9:30PM - 9:40PM - "Mixers" - Show and Tell - Beth McElhenny
"Mixers" was shot on 16mm, edited via MiniDV on FCP3. I wrote/directed/edited this project, but got a tremendous amount of help and wonderful actors (3 or 4) who may show up at the meeting on the 25th, too.
Logline: Spring has sprung, at it's time for the annual apartment get together._ So quench your curiosity and_meet your neighbors. 1 part_barbecue,_1 part get together, anda box of wine --- shake and enjoy."

9:40PM - 9:50PM- Show and Tell

9:50: - 10:00 - World Famous Raffle
ShuttlePro - Contour Design
ShuttleExpress - Contour Design
Boris Red 3GL - Boris
Copies of "Inside Editing with FCP 4" Training DVD - Magnet Media Films
I FREE FCP 4 Training class - Promax Hollywood
Copies of Motion Graphic Backgrounds - 12 inch Design
2 FCP 4.0 Keyboard KeyGuides - Neotron Design
2 Royalty Free Stock Footage CDs - ThinkStock Footage
Troubleshooter for FCP 3 - Intelligent Assistance
Great VisualFX for Final Cut Pro - Intelligent Assistance
DVD Companion Pro Pack - Recipe 4 DVD
Various books - CMP Books
"Smothered- The Censorship Struggles of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour" DVD- Lillian Benson
1 T-shirt -
2 copies of lafcpug DVDs - lafcpug
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Huge FCP Gathering at MacWorld/CreativePro, July 17

The FCPUG Network which consists of over 25 Final Cut Pro User Groups from around the world will gather at the New Yorker Hotel, Thursday July 17 as part of the MacWorld/CreativePro festivities. This will be the largest gathering of FCP users and Gurus on this East Coast this year.

The agenda is as follows

Public Doors Open

5:30PM - on:
Cash Bar opens and Hors d'oeuvres
Show up early, browse the vendor tables and NETWORK with those who use Final Cut Pro.

6:30PM_- 7:00PM - Stump the Gurus
30 minutes to get your FCP problems solved with the countries top FCP experts. If you can't solve it here, then it probably can't be solved.

7:00PM - 7:10PM - Welcome and Announcements
A chance to tell you who we are and who is there.

7:10PM - 7:35PM - DVD Studio Pro 2 - Brian Schmidt
Scheduled to ship in August 2003, you can forget everything you know about DVD Studio Pro 1.5. DVDSP 2.0 has been built from the scratch up, had it's price slashed in half, and now combines the ease of use of iDVD with the professional features of any high end DVD authoring system. Plus it looks and behaves a lot like FCP, integrates easily with After Effects and Photoshop and ships with dozens of "not cheesy" templates for quick and easy authoring.
Who better to demo then Apple's very own Brian Schmidt.

7:40PM - 8:00PM - "Frank Gehry" - Show and Tell - "Special Guest"
Directed by Sydney Pollack and edited on FCP, this documentary on legendary architect Frank Gehry was just picked up by PBS "American Masters" series.

8:00PM - 8:35PM - Final Cut Pro 4 - Paul Saccone
FCP product manager Paul Saccone will take us through "what you NEED to know, and what's new in FCP 4.

8:35PM - 9:00PM - Break
Plenty to do and see during the break. There will be several vendors in the adjacent ballroom showing off their wares as well as the "Guru Table" to get your problems solved. Plus drinks and snacks and plenty of time to get to know one another.

9:00PM - 9:40PM - Q and A on FCP 4
This is the part of the show where it gets real fun. It's your turn now.
Most of you have had plenty of time to "play" with FCP 4, LiveType and Soundtrack and read about DVD Studio Pro 2, and most of you have lots of questions and plenty of ideas. Here is an opportunity to not only get your problems solved from some of the people who built the programs but give feedback for a future release. The better the question and the better the feedback, the better this part of the show.

FCP's Product Manager Paul Saccone, DVDSP 2's Product Manager Brian Schmidt, Soundtrack's Product Manager Alec Little, and LiveType's product designer Tom Langmacher will be on hand to field all your questions and ideas.

9:40PM - 9:50PM - Raffle
A HUGE raffle, because we always have HUGE raffles.

This event is open to the public on a first come first seated basis. Once the seats are filled, the doors will close.

There will be a $5.00 donation requested at the door. For directions to the New Yorker Hotel and for more information on this event, go to the lafcpug web site.
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