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Ryan Richardson August 15th, 2005 03:48 PM

Question about tapeless
I was looking into the FireStore, but really wanted something with a display of what was being recorded. Is there anything out there that I could record directly onto like the FS-4 that would have a built in lcd to monitor recording activity. Would a product like the RCA lyra 2780 work?


Thank you in advance!

Daniel Kohl August 15th, 2005 05:20 PM

The real problem with this device is that it records highly compressed video data, Mpeg 4.

It is not designed to record normal DV. I'm guessing that the quality would be like a good web film, or at least as good as what you can make with a digital still camera with movie function.

Otherwise, it looks like a neat gizmo.

What do you want to see on the LCD that you can't see in your camera's viewfinder?

Ryan Richardson August 16th, 2005 07:36 AM

I guess I was looking for something that would serve two purposes. One was being to view without the viewfinder, like while the camera was on a tripod. The other to have the tapeless recording.

Chris Hurd August 16th, 2005 08:27 AM

Well, the DV Rack by Serious Magic will give you what you're looking for, but it's software that runs on a laptop. So if you're willing to take your laptop around and capture directly to it (if the hard drive is big enough), then you're covered.

Otherwise you'll need a separate little LCD display monitor on top of the camera, but that's no big deal either -- just more gear to carry around!

Ryan Richardson August 16th, 2005 04:15 PM

I had a friend who had one and I tried it. It records into the Lyra as an .asf. The picture looks good. I am still playing around to see the pros and cons.

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