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Tobin Strickland January 15th, 2018 04:13 PM

Best Drone with Go Pro
What are you guys seeing that would make a good quad for a Go Pro. I plan to shoot over water almost exclusively.

Chris Stevens January 16th, 2018 05:02 AM

Re: Best Drone with Go Pro
I would not consider a GoPro for drone use - too much distortion... DJI Phantom 4 pro is your weapon of choice.

Jody Arnott January 16th, 2018 05:55 PM

Re: Best Drone with Go Pro
Agreed. Aerial footage shot from a GoPro looks terrible in my opinion - too much fish eye. The Phantom 4 Pro is great - fantastic image quality for the price and no noticeable distortion.

Sabyasachi Patra January 26th, 2018 12:23 AM

Re: Best Drone with Go Pro
Has anyone tried the Karma with GoPro 6 black? Go Pro has recently announced that it is closing the drone division. I am wondering if we will soon get this combo at a much lower price.

My Solo 3DR still works. I am using it with the GoPro 4 Black.

Tobin Strickland February 11th, 2018 04:36 PM

Re: Best Drone with Go Pro
Ok, here's what I ended up going with in the in.. At least from the You Tube clips of comparisons the Phantom 4 Pro had better video than many of the Go Pro drone options including the Karma with GoPro6 (Barely).. The Karma and GoPro 6 combination was very close. for the $2-300 difference, choice seemed obvious. Both the Phantom 4 and the Karma have flying issues.. neither is perfect for flying .. phantom 4 seems to have less and will continue to be in the market. I hate to see a company like GoPro close a division.. For the Go Pro, I opted for a https://www.peauproductions.com/prod...o-hero-6-black which has an aftermarket lens for no distortion and slightly smaller field. I did not get the Karma Grip but it looks like a solid product. I already had a SmovePro so I'm going to try that first. PeauPro has some 4x zoomed lenses without distortion for Go Pro 4-6 as well. Both the Go Pro 6 and the Phantom 4 have advanced image stabilization.

Donald McPherson February 12th, 2018 01:00 AM

Re: Best Drone with Go Pro
I've taken the plunge and just ordered the DJI Mavic Air. There are some good reviews on YouTube for this little guy.

Tobin Strickland February 12th, 2018 04:03 PM

Re: Best Drone with Go Pro
The mavics had solid reviews as well.

Bill Koehler February 12th, 2018 09:05 PM

Re: Best Drone with Go Pro
Concerning the DJI Mavic Air: The only negative I've seen reported so far is that it is far louder than the Mavic Pro Platinum.

Donald McPherson February 13th, 2018 12:52 AM

Re: Best Drone with Go Pro
Money talks. LOUDER. (or in this case less) The test I have seen the guy is holding the meter a few inches away. What I would like to see (hear) is 50, 100, 200meters away. Will the difference be that noticeable? Also, the other thing about the noise was the higher the pitch the more annoying. I'm guessing the drone operator never hears his or her own drone. Having too much fun.

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