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Jose Ramada December 30th, 2007 03:42 PM

Please wait errors
I have one Firestore Pro-HD 60Gb with the latest firmware. Frequently when recording QT HDV files the unit stops recording and display the message please wait and never stops. After this I have to reboot the unit in order to get it working properly. Also when backing up my tapes through a Sony M25 videocassette recorder the unit reboots sistematically after few seconds of recording. Curiously, when I change the recording settings to M2t files on firestore this never happens.
Unfortunately I must say that these Firestores were never reliable. Can anybody help ? Focusinfo has no information about this issue.

Thanks to all.

Jim Boyd January 10th, 2008 03:35 PM

Please Wait
I have the same problem.
I record 720p24 and also get the please wait. Not all the time but sometimes.
Enough to make it dangerous.
I have waited till *ell froze over but it never goes away.
I have had to disconnect from all power and then reconnect to get it to work again.

Jose Ramada January 12th, 2008 05:05 PM

Hi Jim,

Finally someone joined my sadness. Focusinfo told me that this can be a problem with the firewire port at the camera or at the Firestore or a loose cable. They told me to do a firestore factory reset and see what happens. This doesn`t damage the recorded video clips but will reset your drive to the original firmware. If you wish I can tell you how to reset the drive according to Focusinfo instructions. Concerning the tape backup with my videocassette recorder Sony M25 they told me that the issue can be due to a software incompatibility. In conclusion, this thing is not reliable, is expensive, is big, is heavy and I`m very disappointed with the overall performance. Because of all these issues I sold my Canon A1 and now I`m on a Sony XDCAM EX. No more firewire cables, no more BBox, no more lost clips, no more endless hours capturing video...

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