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Alex Grinko January 19th, 2014 05:14 PM

Problem with FS-3 and Panasonic GS-400
Dear friends!
I have a two recorders FS-3. Version of software
HDD in excellent condition. Date and time are not retained when power is turned off - I think that the internal battery is low. There is a great desire to connect it to your camcorder. Very interesting entry without the tape in the camcorder.
However, there is instability with the video recording on the disc.

I'll tell you all about it:
1) Connection cable length of 80cm.
2) camcorder with a serviceable DV port . There are two camcoders.
3) Power supply stabilized recorder AC adapter.
4) The camcorder is connected to the AC adapter
5) in the recorder settings by default.

Sequence of actions:
1) turn on the camcorder.
2) turn on the recorder.
3) Press the record button twice.
4) The recording starts, the counter shows the time.
5) Tested up to 5 hours of continuous recording. Everything is fine. Video recorded. Tested different modes and timelaps too.

However, several times was stop recording for no reason.
Then it became a happening: The camera is turned, the recorder is also recording goes, but the meter does not show.

In the log file is this:
Start of Log

Creating file /mnt/fwxa2/20000107-044323-01/20000107-045722b01.avi; File type = AVI Type 2
Time code 00:00:00:01; 1 in frames; Audio is 48K
Record completed
Total files in track = 1
Ending timecode: Time code 00:00:23:12; 587 in frames
Track length = 00:00:23:12 (587 frames)
Log complete

Creating file /mnt/fwxa2/20000107-044323-01/20000107-045801b01.avi; File type = AVI Type 2
Stop occurred before any frames written to disk

Log complete

Tried a different cable to connect your camera (1.8 m). Nothing has changed.
Tried to connect an external hard drive. Nothing has changed. Capacity drives 80 and 40 gigabytes.

The behavior of both recorders are the same, regardless of whether there is a cassette inside or not.

Please help me!

Alex Grinko January 24th, 2014 01:04 PM

Re: Problem with FS-3 and Panasonic GS-400
Strange, really no one version of what is happening with FS-3...

Alex Grinko January 26th, 2014 10:58 PM

Re: Problem with FS-3 and Panasonic GS-400
Helped up sequence:
1) Power up camcorder in PLAY mode
2) Power up recorder FS-3
3) change the camcoder mode to REC

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