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Digitally Acquired Theatrical and High Profile Television Productions in 2008

Did you guys check this? It seems like a partial list of the most famous digital productions of 2008. I hope it is ok to post this here, the credits go to Digital Cinema Society.

Digital Cinema Society
January 12, 2009
Digitally Acquired Theatrical and High Profile Television Productions in 2008

We have again sought to chronicle the year in Digital Acquisition, and although the following lists are not as comprehensive as we would have liked, we hope it helps to give a sense of trends in our industry. Since so many Indie Features and television programs are now digitally acquired, we have chosen to list only features bound for theatrical release, as well as some of the higher profile narrative television productions. We are also listing all Live Action 3-D features we are aware of, whether or not they are shot on digital formats. We have tried to list the Title, Director, Cinematographer, Format, (camera/recording system), and Stereographer for 3-D.

Even though we don't list TV Pilots, we are aware of a tremendous upsurge in those being shot with Digital Cinema cameras. This may be at least partially attributable to the SAG contract impasse, and the fact that shows that are acquired digitally can fall under AFTRA jurisdiction. Should SAG go out on strike, and a show's actors have been previously organized under an AFTRA contract, (even if they are also members of SAG), they are not required to go out on strike.

Please excuse any errors and omissions; we know there must still be a few. Please visit our DCS Forums page, "Major Digital Productions", to make any additions or addendums, so that we can keep an updated and accurate list.

The following catagories are listed alphabetically by manufacturers or formats, and the productions by their titles:

3D Live Action

Avatar, (Pace 3D, Fusion Camera/Sony CineAlta/SR Tape), Director: James Cameron, DP: Mauro Fiore, ASC, Sam Wothington, Starring Giovanni Ribisi and Sigourney Weaver. Release: 2009
The Dark Country, (Paradise FX 3D/SI 2K and RED), Director: Thomas Jane, DP: Geoff Boyle, FBKS (Founder of CML). Stereographer: Ray Zone, Starring Ron Perlman, Thomas Jane
Coraline, (REDLAKE Digital 3-D), Stop Motion, mechanical motion-controlled camera heads allowing the 3-D interocular effect to be created by using only one camera shooting single frames of the left eye/right eye), Director: Henry Selick, DP: Pete Kozachik, ASC, Starring Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, and Ian McShane, Release: 2009
Final Destination; Death Trip 3D, (Pace 3D, Fusion Camera/Sony CineAlta/SR Tape), Director David R. Ellis, DP: Glen MacPherson, ASC
Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus - Best of Both Worlds(Pace 3D using new 10 camera 3D mobile unit/Sony HD Cameras/SRW tape), Director: Kenny Ortega, DP: Mitch Amundsen, Stereographer: Vince Pace, DIT: Britt Cyrus, Released: 2008, (Grossed 70 million on a $7 million budget!).
The Hole, (RED One, ParadiseFX 3-D), Director: Joe Dante, DP: Theo van de Sande, ASC, Stereographer, Max Penner, 3D DIT Robert Howie
Jonas Brothers, The 3D Concert Experience, release 2/09, (Pace 3D, Fusion Camera/Sony CineAlta/SR Tape), Director: Bruce Hendricks, DPs: Mitch Amundsen & Reed Smoot, ASC
Little Hercules in 3-D (Sony F900/HD3Cam 3-D), Director: Mohamed Khashoggi, DP: Mateo Londono, Starring Judd Nelson, John Heard, Elliott Gould
My Bloody Valentine 3-D, (RED One/Silicon Imaging SI-2K, ParadiseFX 3-D), Director: Patrick Lussier, DP: Brian Pearson, Stereographer, Max Penner
Under The Sea 3D, (Imax 3-D 70mm film in the 15/70 format), Director/DP: Howard Hall, Narrator: Jim Carrey, Release 2009

ARRI - D20 and D21

Adam, (ARRI D21/S.two data recording), Director: Max Mayer, DP: Seamus Tierney, Starring Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne, Release: 2009
The Bank Job, (Arri D-20), Director: Roger Donaldson, DP: Michael Coulter, BSC, Starring Jason Statham and Safron Burrows. Release: 2008
CRUSOE , NBC Series, (ARRI D21) Producers: Jean Bureau, Stephen Greenberg, DPs: Jon Joffin and Peter Belcher, Starring Sam Neil and Pilip Winchester
Dead Set UK Mini-series, (ARRI D20), Director: Yann Demange, DP: Anthony Radcliffe, Starring Chizzy Akudolu and Raj Ghatak
Dean Spanley, (ARRI D20), Director, Toa Fraser, DP: Leon Narbey, Starring Jeremy Northam, Peter O'Toole, and Sam Neill
FLIRTING WITH 40 Lifetime TV Movie, (ARRI D21) Director: Mikael Salmon, ASC, DP: Jon Joffin Starring Heather Locklear and Vanessa Williams
Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel, (ARRI D21), Director, Gareth Carrivick, DP: John Pardue, Starring Anna Faris and Chris O'Dowd, Release: 2009
Handsome Harry (ARRI D21/Anamorphic Data Mode) Director: Bette Gordon, DP: Nigel Bluck, Starring Steven Buscemi, Campbell Scott and Aidan Quinn.
Henri IV (ARRI D21), Director: Joe Baier, DP: Gernot Roll, Starring Julien Boisselier
Krupp: A German Family, (German TV miniseries), (ARRI D21), Director: Carlo Rola, DP: Frank Kupper, Starring Urus Berben
Lark Rise To Candleford, BBC Series (ARRI D21) Producers: Bill Gallagher, Susan Hogg, DPs Mark Partridge, Balazs Bolygo, and David Schwartz
La Isla Interior (ARRI D21), Director: Dunia Ayaso, DP: Juan Antonio Castano, Starring Geraldine Chaplin and Antonia de la Torre
LITTLE DORRIT BBC Series, Producer: Lisa Osborne, DPs: Alan Almond, BSC; Owen McPolin and Lukas Strebel Starring Tom Courteney, Claire Fot, and Andy Serkis
The Prince of Motor City, ABC TV Movie, (ARRI D21), Director Jack Bender, DP John S. Bartley, ASC/CSC, Starring Andie MacDowell, Aidan Quinn, and Rutger Hauer
Prisoners of the Sun, (ARRI D20), Director Roger Christian, DP: Ed Wild, Starring John Rhys-Davies
Reaper, CW series, (ARRI D21), Producers: Tara Butters and Michele Frazekas, DP: Attila Szalay, Starring Ray Wise and Brett Harrison
RocknRolla, (Arri D-20), Director: Guy Ritchie, DP: David Higgs, Starring Tom Wilkinson and Jeremy Piven. Release: 2008
Skellig, (ARRI D21), Director: Annabel Jankel, DP: Steve Lawes, Starring Tim Roth and Kelly Macdonald
SUPERNATURAL, CW Series (ARRI D21), Producers Todd Philip Aronauer and Eric Kripke, DP: Serge La Douceur
Tin Man, (Arri D-20), Miniseries, Director: Nick Willing, DP: Thomas Burstyn. Starring Zooey Deschanel, and Alan Cumming. SciFi Network
WELCOME TO ACADEMIA (ARRI D20/SR tape), Director: Kirk Davis, DP: David Dunlap, Starring James LeGros and Jess Weixler, Release: 2009
U Be Dead TV movie ITV/UK, (ARRI D21), Director: Jamie Payne, DP: Mike Southon BSC, Starring David Morrissey
Unforgiven (TV movie in UK), (ARRI D21), Director: David Evans, DP: Sean Bobbit BSC
Xtrems, TV Movie, Spain's TV3, (ARRI D20), Directors: Abel Folk and Joan Reidweg, DP: Pol Turrents, Starring Silvia Munt and Alex Casanovas


Aussie & Ted (Primarily XL H1 to HDV/Varicam for Green Screen/RED One for Background Plates), Director Shuki Levy, DP: James Mathers, Starring Beverly DiAngelo and Dean Cain. Release: 2009
Crank 2: High Voltage, (Canon Canon HF10 / Canon XH-A1 HDV), Release 4/09, Directors: Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, DP: Brandon Trost, Starring Jason Statham
Megan Is Missing, (Canon XL H1 HDV), Director/DP: Michael Goi, ASC, Starring Amber Perkins and Rachel Quinn, Release: 2009


April Showers, (Dalsa Origin/S.two Uncompressed Data Recording), Director: Andrew Robinson, DP: Aaron Platt, Starring Illeana Douglas and Tom Arnold, Release: 2009
Note: Although cameras from DALSA Digital Cinema, (sadly no longer in operation as of the end of 2008), were only used as the primary aquisition for one major feature last year, they were used for visual effects sequences in the notable features Quantum of Solace for DP, Roberto Schaefer, ASC and Consulting VFX DP David Stump, ASC, as well as on the Tim Burton directed Alice In Wonderland, currently in production with DP Dariusz Wolski, ASC


American Teen, Feature Doc, (SDX900/DVCpro 50), Director: Nanette Burstein, DP: Laela Kilbourn, Released: 2008
Bernard and Doris, (Varicam), Director: Bob Balaban, DP: Mauricio Rubinstein, Starring Susan Sarandon and Ralph Fiennes
Crips and Bloods: Made In America, Feature Doc. (Panasonic Varicam), Director: Stacy Peralta, DP: Tony Hardmon, Release: 2009
Dirt, FX Series, (Varicam/DVCpro tape), Created by Matthew Carnahan, DP: Geary McLeod, Produced by and Starring Courtney Cox.
Fireproof, (Varicam), Director: Alex Kendrick, DP: Bob Scott, Starring Kirk Cameron
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia FX series, (DVX100/DV tape), Created by Rob McElhenney, DP: Peter Smokler, Starring Danny DeVito
Screamers: The Hunting, {HPX3000/P2 AVC100), Director Sheldon Henricksen, DP John P. Tarver, CSC, Release: 2009

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Panavision Genesis

21 (Genesis/SR tape), Director: Robert Luketic, DP: Russell Carpenter, ASC, Starring Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, and Jim Sturgess. Released: 2008
2012, (Genesis/Panavision SSR Direct to Disk Recording), Director: Roland Emmerich, DP Dean Semler, ASC, ACS, Starring Woody Harrelson, John Cusack, and Danny Glover. Release: 2009
Accidents Happen, (Genesis/SR tape), Director: Andrew Lancaster, DP: Ben Nott, Starring: Geena Davis and Joel Tobeck.
Alice in Wonderland, (Genesis/Codex Uncompressed Data Recording/SR Tape), Director: Tim Burton, DP Dariusz Wolski, ASC, Starring Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, and Mia Wasikowska. Release: 2010
An American Carol, (Genesis/SR Tape), Director: David Zuker, DP Brian Baugh, Starring Kelsey Gramer and Kevin Farley. Release: 2008
The Assignment, (Genesis/SR Tape), Director: Timothy J. Nelson, DP Lisa Weigand, Starring French Stewart, Jake Thomas, and M. Emmet Walsh. Release: 2009
Better Off Ted, ABC Series, (Genesis/SR tape), Creator: Victor Fresco, Starring Portia de Rossi and Jay Harrington
Bone Deep, (Genesis/SR Tape), Director: John Luessenhop, DP: Michael Barrett, Starring Matt Dillon Hayden Christiansen Release: 2010
Bunker Hill, (Geneis/SR tape), TNT TV Movie, Producer: Henry Bronchtein, DP: Denis Lenoir, ASC
Cranford BBC/PBS Drama, (Genesis/SR Tape), Directors: Simon Curtis, Steve Hudson, DP: Ben Smithard, Starring Judi Dench and Simon Woods.
Don't Look Up, (Genesis/SR Tape), Director: Fruit Chan DP Hang-Sang Poon, Starring Henry Thomas and Reshad Strik Release: 2009
The Edge of Love (Genesis/SR tape), Director: John Maybury, DP: Jonathan Freeman, Starring Kiera Knightly, Sienna Miller, and Cillian Murphy. Release: Late 2008
Everybody's Fine, (Genesis/SR Tape), Director: Kirk Jones, DP: Henry Braham, Starring Christopher Robert DeNiro, Kate Beckinsale, and Drew Barrymore. Release: 2009
Fired Up, (Genesis/SR Tape), Director: Will Gluck, DP Thomas E. Ackerman, ASC, Release: 2009
Forbidden Kingdom (Genesis/SR tape), Director: Rob Mindoff, DP: Peter Pau, Starring Jet Li and Jackie Chan. Released: Late 2008
Hachiko: A Dog's Story, (Genesis/SR Tape), Director: Lasse Hallstrom, DP Ron Fortunato, ASC, Starring Richared Gere, Joan Allen, and Jason Alexander. Release: 2009
The House Bunny (Genesis/SR tape), Director: Fred Wolf, DP: Shelly Johnson, Starring Anna Faris and Colin Hankds. Released: 2008
Kath & Kim NBC Series(Genesis/SR tape), Producers: Gina Riley and Jane Turner, Starring Selma Blair and Molly Shannon
Love Ranch, (Genesis/SR Tape), Director: Taylor Hackford, DP Kieran McGuigan, Starring Hellen Mirren and Joe Psci Release: 2009
Mall Cop, (Genesis/SR Tape), Director: Steve Carr, DP Russ T. Alsobrook, ASC, Starring Kevin James. Release: 2009
Mardi Gras, (Genesis/SR Tape), Director: Phil Dornfeld, DP Thomas E. Ackerman, ASC, Carmen Electra and Nicholas D'Agosto. Release: 2009
New York, I Love You, (Genesis/SR Tape), Anthology Feature, Directors: Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Brett Ratner, Yvan Attal,Allen Hughes, Shunji Iwai , Wen Jiang, Joshua Marston, Andrei Zvyagintsev, Fatih Akin, Randall Balsmeyer, Shekhar Kapu, Mira Nair, Emmanuel Benbihy, DPs: Declan Quinn, ASC, Benoît Debie, Pawel Edelman, Adam Kimmel, Mikhail Krichman, Michael McDonough, Andrij Parekh, Mauricio Rubinstein, Starring Kevin Bacon, James Caan, Ethan Hawke, Orlando Bloom, and Chris Cooper
Shorts, (Genesis/SR Tape), Director/DP: Robert Rodriguez, Starring William H. Macy, James Spader, and Con Cryer. Release: 2009
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, (Genesis/SR Tape), Director: Patrick Tatopoulos, DP Ross Emery, Release: 2008


America Lifetime TV Movie, (RED One), Director: Yves Simoneau, DP John Aronson, Starring Rosie O'Donnell
Antichrist, (RED One) Director: Lars von Trier, DP: Anthony Dod Mantle, Starring Willem Dafoe
The Argentine, (RED One) Director: Stephen Soderbergh, DP: Soderbergh as "Peter Andrews," Starring Benicio Del Toro, Benjamin Bratt, and Franka Potente.
Balancing The Books (RED One) Director: Meir Sharony, DP: James Mathers, Starring Lea Thompson, Vincent Spano, and Tess Harper.
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, (RED One) Director/DP: Peter Hyams, Starring Michael Douglas and Amber Tamblyn
Che: Part Two, Guerrilla, (RED One) Director: Stephen Soderbergh, DP: Soderbergh as "Peter Andrews," Starring Benicio Del Toro, Matt Damon, and Franka Potente. Release: 2008
Game, (RED One) Directors: Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, DP: Ekkehart Pollack, Starring Gerard Butler, Starring Gerard Butler, Michael C. Hall, John Leguizamo, Release: 2009
The Girlfriend Experience, (RED One) Director: Stephen Soderbergh, DP: Soderberg as "Peter Andrews" Release: 2009
Hunter, (RED One), Director: Eric Valette, DP: John R. Leonetti, ASC, Starring Shannon Beckner and Ryan Kennedy, Release: 2009
The Informant, (RED One) Director: Stephen Soderbergh, DP: Soderbergh as "Peter Andrews," Starring Matt Damon and Tom Wilson. Release: 2009
Knowing, (RED One) Director: Alex Proyas, DP: Simon Dugan, Starring Nicolas CageLabor Pains, (RED One), Director Lara Shapiro, DP: Dan Stoloff, Starring Lindsay Lohan and Cheryl Hines. Release: 2009
Leaves of Grass, (RED One) Director: Tim Blake Nelson, DP: Roberto Schaefer, ASC, Starring Edward Norton, Susan Sarandon, and Richard Dreyfuss
Locker 13, (RED One) Directors: Bruce Dellis, George Huang, Jason Marsden, Adam Monthieth, Donovan Montierth, Rick Schroder, DPs: Russell Carpenter, ASC, Adam Devaney, Webb Pickersgill, Jasper Randall.
Manure, (RED One) Director: Michael Polish, DP: M. David Mullen, ASC, Starrting Billy Bob Thornton and Tea Leoni. Release 2009
Montana Amazon, (RED One) Director: Deborah Brock, DP: James Mathers, Starring Olympia Dukakis and Haley Joel Osment
The Nothing Men, (RED One) Director: Mark Fitzpatrick, DP: Peter Holland Starring David Field, Colin Friels, and Martin Dingel-Wall
The Red Canvas , (RED One) Director: Kenneth Chamitoff, DP: Aaron Platt, Starring George Takei, John Savage, and Maria Conchita Alonso. Release: 2008
S. Darko, (RED One), Director: Chris Fisher, DP: Marvin V. Rush, Starring Jackson Rathbone and Elizabeth Berkley, Release: 2009
Stay Cool, (RED One) Director: Michael Polish, DP: M. David Mullen, ASC, Starrting Winona Ryder, Hilary Duff, and Mark Polish. Release 2009
Wallander, Continuation of the BBD Series of TV Movies for Swedish TV4, (Currently shot with RED One), Producer: Anni Faurbye Fernandez, DP: Geoff Boyle, FBKS (Founder of CML)., Starring Krister Henriksson
Note: As listed under Live Action 3-D, the RED One was also used on The Hole, My Bloody Valentine, and for portions of Dark Country. Also, several films acquiring primarily in 35mm film are using RED for background plates and VFX photography, such as Night at the Museum2, GI Joe, Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones, and the Doug Liman directed, Jumper

Silicon Imaging SI-2K

Adopt-A-Sailor, (SI-2K/RAW), Director Charles Evered, DP: Ulf Soderqvist, Starring Peter Coyote and Bebe Neuwirth, Release: 2008
Magnus, (SI-2K/RAW), Director Kadri Kousaar, DP: Pawel Sobczyk, Cannes Film Festival 2007, Release: 2008
Slumdog Millionaire, (SI-2K/RAW), Director: Danny Boyle, DP: Anthony Dod Mantle, Release: 2008 (Note: Nominated for ASC Outstanding Cinematography Award)
Spoon, (SI-2K/RAW), Director: Sharlto Copley, DP: Grant Appleton, Starring Darren Boyd and Rutger Hauer, Release: 2008
Note: As otherwise detailed on this list, both The Mutant Chronicles, and The Dark Country also used SI-2K mixed with other cameras and formats

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Sony CineAlta, F900, F950, and F23

100 Million BC, SciFi TV Movie (Sony F900/HDcam tape), Director: Louie Myman, DP: Alexander Yellen, Starring Michael Gross and Christopher Atkins
Baby O, (Sony F900/HDcam tape), Director: Charles Matthau, DP: John Conners, Starring Theresa Russell and Billy Burke, Release: 2009
The Beast, A&E Series, (Sony F23/F900/SR tape), Directors: Michael Dinner, Tom Verica, DP: Roy Wagner, ASC, Sarring Patrick Swayze
The Black Waters of Echo's Pond, (Sony F900/HDcam tape), Director: Gabriel Bologna, DP: Massimo Zeri, Starring Robert Patrick and Danielle Harris, Release: 2009
Choke, (Sony F900/HDcam tape), Director: Clark Greg, DP: Tim Orr, Starring Angelica Huston, Joel Grey, and Sam Rockwell. Release: 2008
Damages, (Sony F900R/HDcam), Created by Glenn Kessler, Todd Kessler, and Daniel Zelman, DP: David S. Tuttman, Starring Glenn Close and Ted Danson
Dexter, (Sony F23/SR tape), Directors: Various, DP: Romeo Tirone, Starring Michael C. Hall and Keith Carradine. (Showtime)
Everybody Hates Chris, (Panavised F23/SR tape) Producers: Chris Rock, Jim Michaels, Erick Whitmyre, and Ali LeRoi, DP: Mark Doering-Powell (Note: Nominated for Outstanding Cinematography Emmy, and HPA Award for Post Workflow Innovation).
Eureka, SciFi Ch TV Series, (Sony F23/SR tape), Producers: Jaime Paglia and Robert Petrovicz, DP: Rick Maguire, Starring Colin Ferguson
Gossip Girl, (Sony F23/SR Tape), DPs: Degan Georgevitch, ASC, and Ron Fortunato, ASC. CW Network
Jericho (CineAlta F900/HDcam tape), Created by Stephen Chbosky and Josh Schaer, DP: Rick Bota, CBS Network
iCarly, Nickelodeon TV Series, (Sony CineAlta), Created by Dan Schneider, DPs: Michael Spodnik and Wayne Kennan
The Interrogation of Harry Wind, (Sony F900/HDcam tape), Director: Pascal Verdosci, DP Krzysztop Ptak, Starring Laus Maria Brandauer and Sebastian Kock, Release: 2009
Jazz in the Diamond District, (Sony F900/HDcam tape), Director: Lindsey Christian, DP Christopher TJ McGuire, Starring Wood Harris and Clifton Powell, Release: 2008
Knight Rider, NBC TV Movie, (Sony F23/SR tape), Director: Steve Shill, DP: Jamie Barber, Starring David Hasselhoff and Justin Bruening
Kung Fu Killer, Spike TV movie, (Sony F900/HDcam tape), Director: Philip Spink, DP: Man-Ching Ng, Starring David Carradine and Daryl Hannah
Little Fish, Stange Pond, (F900/HDcam tape), Director: Gregory Dark, DP: Gavin Kelly, Starring Matthew Modine and Adam Baldwin, Release: 2009
The L Word, Showtime Series, (Sony F900/HDcam tape), Created by Michele Abbott and Ilene Chaiken, DP: Robert Aschmann, Starring Jennifer Beals, Marlee Matlin...
Magic, (Sony F900 & 950/HDcam), Director: John Penney, DP: Matthew J. Siegel, Starring Robert Davi and Leo Grillo Release: May 2009
The More Things Change..., TV movie, (Sony F23/SR tape), Director: Todd Phillips, DP: Michael Trim
The Office, (Sony F900/HDcam), Producers: Ricky Gervais and Greg Daniels, DPs: Randall Einhorn and Matt Sohn, Starring Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson
Priviledged, NBC Series, (Sony F23/SR tape), Produceres: Rina Minoun, DPs: Robert LaBonge and Michael Weaver
Public Enemies, (Sony F23SR tape/ARRI Film Cameras), Director: Michael Mann, DP: Dante Spinotti, ASC, AIC, Starring Christian Bale and Johnny Depp, Release: 2009
Quarantine, (Sony F23/SR tape), Director: John Erick Dowdle, DP: Ken Seng, Release: May 2008
Rachel Getting Married, (Sony F900R/HDcam tape), Director: Jonathan Demme, DP: Declan Quinn, ASC, Starring Anne Hathaway and Debra Winger, Release: 2008
Remarkable Power, (Sony F900/HDcam tape), Director: Brandon Beckner, DP: Damian Acevedo, Starring Kevin Nealon and Tom Arnold, Release: 2008
Rescue Me, FX Ch Series, (Sony F900/HDcam tape), Created by: Dennie Leary, Peter Tolan, DPs: Tom Houghton and Jonathan Freeman, Starring Dennis Leary
The Riches, FX Ch Series, (Sony F900/HDcam tape), Created by: Dmitry Lipkin, DP: Michael Negrin, ASC, Starring Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver
Sex and Lies in Sin City: The Ted Binion Scandal, (Lifetime TV movie), (Sony F23/SR tape), Director: Peter Medak, DP: Anthony B. Richmond, ASC, BSC, Starring Matthew Modine Mena Suvari, and Marcia Gay Harden
A Single Woman, (Sony F900/HDcam tape), Director: Kamala Lopez-Dawson, DP: Gabriel Diniz, Release: 2008
Speed Racer, (CineAlta F23/SR tape), Directors: Larry and Andy Wachowski, DP: David Tattersall. Released: 2008
The Starter Wife, USA TV Series, (Sony F23/SR tape), Producers: Dan Lerner and Howard J. Morris, DP: Kenneth D. Zunder, ASC, Starring Hart Bochner, Debra Messing, Judy Davis, and Ronny Cox
Still Waiting..., (Sony F23/SR tape), Director: Jeff Balis, DP: Thomas L. Callaway, Starring Justin Long, Release: 2009
Tekken, (Sony F23/SR tape), Director: Dwight D. Little, DP: Brian J. Reynolds, Starring Luke Goss, Release: 2009
The Tudors, Showtime series, (Sony Panavised F900/HDcam), Producers: Sheila Hockin and Morgan O'Sullivan, DP Ousama Rawi, Starring Jonathan Rhys Myers and Natalie Dormer
Valentine, NBC Series, (Sony F23/SR tape), Created by Kevin Murphy, DPs: Patrick Cady and Paul Sommers
Weeds, (Clairmont Sony F23/SR Tape) DP: Michael Trim, Starring Mary Louise Parker and Kevin Nealon. (Showtime)
Note: The CineAlta has become a staple of multi-camera and sitcoms too numerous to mention, with such notable series as How I met Your Mother, According To Jim, Girlfriends, The Game, and Rules of Engagement. They are photographed by such prominent DPs as George Mooradian, Wayne Kennan, ASC, Donald A. Morgan, ASC, Chris La Fountaine, and Greg Heschong.

Thompson, Grass Valley Viper

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, (Primarily Viper/S.two Uncompressed Data Recording) Director: David Fincher, DP: Claudio Miranda, Starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. Release: Late 2008 (Note: Nominated for ASC Outstanding Cinematography Award)
Gold and the Beautiful (Viper/Uncompressed Data Recording), Director: Jack Serino, DP: Joe di Gennaro
Killer Pad, (Viper/S.two Uncompressed Data Recording), Director Robert England, DP: David Stump, ASC, Release: 2008
Mutant Chronicles, (Primarily Thomson VIPER FilmStream Camera, Zeiss Digiprime Lenses, recording S.two Uncompressed -- Additional formats: Silicon Imaging SI-2K, Sony CineAlta F23, Vision Research Phantom HD and Phantom V5.1.) Note: Winner of the prize for most camera systems and formats used on a single production!). Director: Simon Hunter, DP: Geoff Boyle, FBKS (Founder of CML). Starring John Malkovich and Ron Perlman.
Addendums and Additions

If you know of a significant project that is not listed, would like to offer more detail, or make corrections, a page has been set up for updates on the Digital Cinema Society Forums. Please visit:
Digital Cinema Society Discussion Board
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