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Raymond Krystof August 7th, 2003 11:49 PM

HD10 on a Large Screen
This is something of a first impressions post. Iíve had my HD10 for several weeks now but today is the first time I hooked it up to something other than my computer. The reason is that the only High Definition display I had been a ten year old, three CRT projector that was waning badly. I did hook up a high definition cable box to the projector and after considerable adjusting I got a just good enough picture to start salivating over the potential of High Definition on a large screen. But, well one thing lead to another and I purchased an Infocus Screenplay 7200. This projector has the TI Mustang HD2 (1280 x 720; 16:9) DLP chip. Iím projecting the image onto a 94-inch wide 1.0 gain screen. As for my impression:

Holy..$@#%*. I do believe what Iím seeing actually exceeds my expectations. The picture from the HD10 on that 94-inch wide screen comes very close to the best HD cable feed I get and is actually better than some signals that are compromised with interference etc. I think the image could be projected considerably larger and still be very pleasing.

I ended up purchasing the HD10 while in the market for something better than my previous DV instamatic (JVC GR-DVP3). That camera is a pocket DV with a 680K pixel CCD and a small lens. Although I love the camera because of itís pocket size, it certainly doesnít have the resolution to stand up to a large projection screen. I was originally in the market for a quality 3CCD camera to supplement the pocket cam, but decided on the HD10 instead. Absolutely glade I did. Iím not looking back on my decision to go HD. In fact, Iím looking forward to getting far more serious in shooting and editing video as a hobby and, wellÖ who knows. I do thank all of you who have contributed on this forum. Much of what I learned probably eased some potential early frustrations. I look forward to reading and posting more in the future.

Paul Mogg August 8th, 2003 12:24 PM

It's very interesting to know that the picture from the camera holds up at 8' projection. I'd be very interested to know how it holds up on a 40' screen. My feeling is that it would hold up, (if digitally projected) and not fall apart with pixelation, as DV does at this size. The more I look at the picture from this camera on my 30" Monivision, and compare it to the 35mm films I've watched on it, the more I am convinced that you could actually make a pretty good looking low-budget movie with this camera, though I think a transfer to 35mm from it might kill most of it's good qualities. Film schools should be all over this thing for their students, it's the most filmic looking digital camera I've seen.

T. Patrick Murray August 10th, 2003 01:58 PM


I could not agree more.

For all of it's limits, the test of any camera is the image-
regardless of how hard or easy it is to achieve it.

The technical nature of this camera, combined with the price point,
makes for a revolution in indy film- I guarantee that we will see a few theatrically distributed films made with this camera in the next 24 months.

In fact, I have been able to attract Burt Reynolds to my next film
based on this camera (and of course the material)...


Glen Vandermolen August 10th, 2003 11:51 PM

Hello all,
This is my first post on this forum.

I recently attended a JVC conference in Orlando on the JY-HD10U. I have to say, I came away mightily impressed with the video images. The demonstration had a music video shot with the JY projected onto a wall-mounted screen. The image was about 8' across and was projected by an HD projector. The clarity of the images was startling. I tried to imagine the images I can shoot with my Beta SX projected that big - no way could I match the detail levels coming from the humble little JY. I walked away a believer.

To fully realize the capabilities of the JY-HD10U, you must treat it as if it were a film camera. Just yanking the camera out of its box and shooting whatever moves, then watching the finished product on a regular monitor, will not do this camera justice. Use filters, especially ND filters. They will help you narrow the depth of field and give the video that "film look." Proper lighting is so important. I realize all of us in this forum understand the value of proper lighting, but remember that this camera, with its increased sensitivity to details, demands your best efforts. And always view the images on an HD monitor.

I envy those of you who already own this camera. I'm counting the dollars, waiting for my turn. This camera has the potential to be an indie-filmmaker's dream. So what if it shoots at 30p? I can certainly deal with that. And yes, I thought the color wasn't the best and it suffers from vertical smear in high contrast situations. For the details in the images that come from a camera that costs only about 3 grand, I can definitely deal with all that.

Anyway, those are my observations from the demo.


T. Patrick Murray August 11th, 2003 10:24 AM


You are right... you must treat this like a film camera...

you cannot make EVERY situation work with this camera,
but that's the type of LIMIT-WRESTLING that defines indy film-
that is, using the limits, not being discouraged by them...

This camera will make us better filmmakers/videographers.

When a better camera comes along, we will be well -served
to have cut our (at least mine) HD teeth with it...

T. Patrick Murray

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