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Old February 20th, 2007, 12:15 AM   #1
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I purchased an HD200 w/17x

Hi everyone.

Right off the bat I wanna thank everyone on here...before I bought the camera, I was checking this forum constantly for what people have said about the ProHD cams. So far I only bought the HD200 with the 17x lens and the AB battery package (tandem charger and dionic90).

It was a very tough decision to make considering the cost and I actually did get cold feet at one point...lol. But then I came to and made a realization. At first I wanted to buy an HVX200 since it had 1080i in addition to 720p. But as you know....the chip in the HVX200 isnt a true 1080 chip...so the HD200 has a higher resolution chip and doesnt use pixel shift. then when I saw comparisions online between the HD100 upres'd to 1080...it looked very comparable and there really wasnt a difference between them. And the HD200 has a better encoder than the 100. Same thing went for the XL-H1. Form factor was a major decision maker. I prefer the ENG style factor since I will have more control over the image as far as focus and aperture control. What turned me away from the Canon is that the lens isnt manual. Its pretty much all servo controlled and that didnt float my boat. Then the other axe on the Canon was the 24F...Ill take a true progressive chip over that. Last and certainly not least is HDV. Yes...it is compressed video. Yes the HXV200 100 Mb/s is impressive, but where am I gonna store all that video? A gig a minute? wow. Thats a lot of space. Im fine with the compression of HDV1...its more practical to use at this time since we are in a transition period from NTSC to ATSC. I am right now considering this camera as a transitional one as well until 1080p cameras become the norm in a few years. Those were a few of the issues that I contemplated while making the decision.

So far I love the camera and Ive been messing with it whenever I had a chance since I work a lot and havent had that much free time. I have only hooked it up to a NTSC tv and played back video shot in HDV 24p. I will be buying an HDTV soon (Im waiting for the Sharp 32" 1080p tv to come out). I do not have an NLE yet (Im gonna get an Avid Liquid soon) so I havent been able to capture anything yet. As soon as I get Liquid, I will do some serious testing with the camera and I will definitely report back to let you know what I come across.

I am interested to know a couple of things: Tripod suggestions...I will eventually get a matte box...so I guess the weight of the head should be able to withstand up to 20lbs. Any recommended heads that are smooth with that load on it? Also, what UV protecting filters you are using. I am thinking about getting a B+W and leaving it permanently on the lens. Does anyone have any suggestions? How are the Tiffen ProHD filters? Right now I am only getting the UV since Im gonna get a matte box as well..so I'll get the other filters in 4x4.

Thanks for reading, sorry if this is too long...lol. If anyone has any questions regarding the camera or lens...please feel free to ask!

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Regarding the filter- I have B+W UV filters on my 2 HD200's 24/7. You can't go wrong there. Just make sure you get the double coated version.

Regarding monitors- JVC has just released a line of pro HD monitors though I'm not sure what your budget is. We use the DT-V20L1U and are very happy with it so far- (2700 USD).

Congrats on the purchase- now go create!
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Alan, congrats on the camera. I just bought mine this last friday too, with the Dionic 90/Tandem charger package as well. I've yet to test it. I work with Avid Xpress Pro, but I still need that HDVxDV software in order to be able to edit 24p in AvidXpress.
My tripod is a Cartoni AL 2 with a F102 head. Its capacity is 22lbs. I love it and recommend it.
Now, I have alot to learn about videography and cinematography. In fact, most times I feel totally clueless; but F*%#k it, my first project is gonna be a (professional looking) music video and I know I'll pull it off in the end. I'll be shooting green screen. I'll keep everyone posted. Wish me luck. Good luck with the camera, Alan.
I will be KING!
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me too! me too!

Congrats, Alan. FWIW, I made the same (almost) decision, and spent hours researching, after almost buying the HD100 several times. I actually have the very first generation JVC HD consumer camera & a JVC GY-DV500 (4 sale!), so I'm very comfortable with the marque.
The HD200 was really worth the wait and extra $ for me. 60p is important for many non "film-look" situations, or where motion accuracy is critical.
The 17x lens feels great. I haven't had time with the standard lens to do a side by side, but on a seimans chart there is minimal CA. The lens was the weak link on my GY-DV500, and I didn't want to be in that place again. Having just that little tweak extra wide is also nice, but I feel the extra quality is where the money is most valuable.
I went with the IDX battery pack. At $700 cheaper, I was in need of economizing somewhere at this stage. Taking off the AB adapter, I could see there was a difference in build quality, but the IDX work fine and I'd rather buy a few more batteries.
I have an old generation Petroff matte-box I hope to jury-rig on. It uses 12mm rods, which aren't that common. The rubber lens surround is so snug, that it kinda stays in place - enough for tripod work. Any ideas on a 12mm rod mount would be appreciated though...
Luckilly, my tripod works great (I assume you picked up the $250 JVC tripod plate adapter that you need, or got it with the offered combo pack?).
I use a Gitzo. G1338 carbon fiber legs & 1380 Fluide head. This same head is also relabled by vinton and manfrotto (I think they are all the same company now). Especially cool was that my old fujinon SRD-91 remote zoom control works! The only caveat is that remote button for rolling and pausing the camera needs 2 pushes.
I haven't tried inputting to my FCP system yet, and hope that it works for me. The hard drive firestore would neatly circumvent the capture issue, and be really convenient for some things - we'll just have to see...
I've been looking at picture using one of my dual Dell 24" monitors with the component interface. The monitor shifts to a "cine" mode, and looks pretty darn good! I did have one bad pixel at 0 gain after a long session trying out the menus, so I did the masking routine, which fixed it. Fan noise is a non-issue for me. I had the camera on for hours, and then thought to put my head right next to it. It's a minimal operating sound no different from other pro cameras. Picture noise is hard to assess until I shoot a bit more. The gain is definitely noisy. Punch the gain up to max, put the shutter on 1/6, and you have a great background for Starwars titles! Quite surreal. In my very casual unlit familiarity session next to my monitor there certainly is some graininess in unlit, not totally black areas. I still haven't done any custom scene settings though, and it isn't an ugly look - it's almost like film grain. I'm shopping for a clear lens protection filter too. But even with the matte box, I expect I'll get a few other screw on filters. 4x4's are damn expensive!
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sorry it took a while to reply...Ive been really busy with a lot going on

Thanks for the advice. In the end I ahve decided to go with a Sachtler tripod (0650) and I ended up with a Schneider UV filter...I use their B+W filters for my still photo lens...too good to not get. Sean...I bought the new pkg that is being offered...the CL17. I didnt receive the tripod plate since I was sent the HD200CHU and the 17x in separate boxes from JVC. However, my retailer will be shipping it out to me. I guess JVC hasnt packaged them in one box yet.

As far as a NLE...Im still trying to decide between Liquid and Vegas since they are about the same price. Do both of them support the ProHD format natively at all frame rates..including 24p? Or will I still need to convert to a different format using 3rd party software? That will be my deciding factor. And Ive been trying to find out if there are any new versions of Liquid coming soon but no one seems to know.

I also bought a bag that i should be getting within the next week or so. I bought a Petrol PCUB-HD bag....it might have just been released. It fits an HD110 (they use it in the pics). Even though the HD200 is a little longer...according to the dimensions it will just clear it.

Sean, you are right..the 17x lens feels very good....also makes me wish I had one of the others :(...lol. back focus was pretty much set on the money. With this camera being my first "real" camera...I love the iris ring. it doesnt "click" at the f-stop...its nice and smooth. I did notice the fan noise. If the room is really quiet...you can really hear it. It doesnt seem like it will be an issue....especially if you are outdoors.

Justin...the monitors are a little pricey for me at the moment...I will look for others. I did see that JVC has crt monitors. Are there any opinions on the 17" DT-V1710CG or the 10" DT-V100CG? Im curious most about the 10"...but Im drawn away from it due to the 230 lines at 16:9. the 17" has 800...but its 50 lb weight seems like a pain to lug around...unless I use it only for editing. Plus its about $2000...so I dont know yet...lol

Im out...and still waiting for all of my gear...lol
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Alan- I have no idea on the CRT's...

For what we do- "That train has sailed." (what's that from- Dumb & Dumber?).
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I've found that a simple cable that goes from the component RGB outs, on my HD110, to a DVI input on an inexpensive LCD, provides a nice 15" HD monitor at a reasonable cost.
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Old February 28th, 2007, 11:57 PM   #8
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I think Im just gonna go with an LCD HDTV..Ive seen a lot of 20" LCDs in the $300 range. At first I was 'darn..it doesnt have an atsc tuner' then I realized that isnt what Im gonna use it for...lol. I figure that is the best route to go at the moment to get started with...then in the future I can just upgrade. Thanks for you help, everyone. Ill report back when I start getting down and dirty with shooting..and just like what Justin said..."now go create!"....I will :)

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