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Carlos E. Martinez May 23rd, 2006 12:29 PM

DIY PC assembly article with dual-core
The people from Videoguys did a remarkable job assembling two systems using dual-core processors.


Even if the tests seem not to be ready yet, and the article sounds like an advance, I doubt there will be much change.

Unfortunately for me, an Avid Xpress user, there doesn't seem to be much of a future in dual-core, as there are problems that are hard to solve. Also hyperthreading seems to be a problem for Avid.

The DIY article warns on this problem, but IMO this warning should be placed at the beginning of the page, with large block letters.

I wonder if Avid will do something to solve this incompatibility, as the computer future does seem to be dual-core.

Carlos E. Martinez May 23rd, 2006 01:29 PM

A small correction: the Videoguys article does mention that they used Avid Xpress Pro Powerpack and also did a multi-cam project with it, apparently with no problems.

So maybe they should comment something more about dual-core systems being or not suitable specifically with that program. Fallen myths are something to look for too.

Gary Bettan May 24th, 2006 12:35 PM

great line about myths.

Here's the deal:
Avid won't come out and recommend dual-core machines because they don't want the added tech support. No other reason for it. Eventually they'll test and certify an HP dual-core system and then they'll have to add support for dual-core processors.

We ran Xpress pro just fine on both dual-core machines.


Chris Barcellos May 24th, 2006 12:46 PM

I have been using AMD dual core 3800+ and trying to judge it against others just by hearing the "scuttle butt" on this forum. I had the impression that I was able to run faster in Premeire pro than other who seemed to be complaining about speed in their Intel chips, so the results here do not surprise me. I am running this on a pedestrian motherboard, with 2 gigs memory, and a PCI express video card with 256 mgs of memor. Using it to work with native HDV editing in Premiere Pro has been relatively pain free. About like what I dealt with in early years of regular DV editing.

Carlos E. Martinez May 24th, 2006 01:30 PM

A friend of mine was the one who told me about being able to use AMD with Avid.

And I went ahead and edited two 50-minute documentaries with it, having absolutely no problem.

My mobo back then was a Gigabyte with a XP3000 socket-A. Unfortunately that setup stopped working after those jobs, due to excessive heat on the CPU. Heat seems to be serious problem in socket-A chips. That's a battle I lost.

So I went after a better option, which were socket 754 AMDs, particularly because all 939-compatible mobos are non-AGP video and I didn't want to go PCI-e just yet. The 754s (and 939s) seem to work much cooler than the As too.

In my case I think I will have to pick a different CPU for my setup though, as the Sempron 64 3000+ I bought seems to have too small a cache: 128Kb. Compared to the higher 512Kb on the older CPU should explain some staggerings I am having now on the Avid's vertical blue line.

In any case I should be moving to 512Kb (or even 1Mb if I can find it) cache Athlon 64 types.

As I see it this should precede my jump to a dual-core system, probably AMD too, so that's why I was very much interested in the above article.

This relationship between L2 cache and Avid was never mentioned anywhere, and it probably is not a myth.

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