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Thomas Garcia August 11th, 2003 12:38 AM

EIS Question
Well, just got back from the new Fry's in dallas. I think I have narrowed my search to the TRV-38 & Optura 20. I think the Optura looked smoother with had less artifacts. However, I noticed that the EIS on the Canon did not do as good of a job as the sony. What's up with that? Is this a known issue, or was the cam defective?

Which one would you get?


Chris Hurd August 11th, 2003 01:19 AM


If you were certain that the IS was switched on, most likely any difference you saw related to a difference in the frequencies dampened by the two systems. The Canon EIS is actually very clean, but it works on a subtle basis which doesn't detract too much from the image quality but requires you to still try to hold the camera as steadily as possible. The Sony EIS does better with more severe and obvious shaking, but takes away more from the image quality as a result. In the long run, choose the camcorder which feels best in your hands as ergonomics is by far the most important aspect within this price range. Hope this helps,

Thomas Garcia August 11th, 2003 01:34 AM

Thanks. I also have a chance to buy a DV-852 for $600. I have read lots about this cam, but i don't know about buying something that is old. Plus the LCD is only 2.5". Do you think this cam would be better than the sony or canon?

Thanks again.

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