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K.M. Lo January 28th, 2004 11:21 PM

can we fix 2/4 CCD from cheap cctv box
Dear folks,
i wonder if anyone can tell me if use 2 CCD or 4 merge as 1 plate and fixed onto a film plane of a Nikon or canon camera
Okay, u may need 2 or 4 DV cameras to record the images.
my Q:
1/ how to deal with the alightment, and the gap between the edges.
2/ any software ( u may write ) to merge the left right image

3/ i know Avisynth is kind of possible to do so.but any more?

A cctv camera with a screw mount is cheap enough about $150USD in Asia.however to find a lens good enough for just 4mm focal lenght may be very hard.

a poorman's HD dream

K.M. Lo

Mike Rehmus January 29th, 2004 11:45 PM

In 1980 we made the first digital cameras by moving the CCD from a fax machine across the focal plane of a camera we built. It used not a camera lens which are designed for non-flat film but an enlarging lens.

What you want to do is already being done by Kodak and others who make backs for 35 mm cameras. But they use large 2-dimensional arrays.

You cannot compute the gap between arrays away.

Furthermore, alignment of high-density arrays is somewhat difficult. Normally (at least in the past) the CCD plane is not placed with any degree of reference to the package and you have to fasten the ccd to a carrier using some sort of optical alignment tool to get it all squared away.

Much cheaper just to buy yourself a 2 megapixel still camera and modify it electrically if you can.

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