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Jack Kelly July 9th, 2009 04:58 AM

Is frame-readout-speed a property of the sensor or processor?
Here's a good geeky question for you!

Is the frame readout speed a property of the sensor or of the processor? By "frame readout speed" I mean the speed at which the camera scrolls through each line of the sensor to capture a single frame. i.e. a slow frame readout speed produces the infamous "jello-vision" or rolling shutter artefacts.

Why do I ask?

A new Nikon rumour was posted today. The rumoured specs for the D300s (the rumoured replacement for the D300) include


"The new processor speeds up AF and significantly increases the quality Movie mode as compared to the D90 and D5000,
Movie - mode: 1920 * 1080 at 24 fps Quicktime MOV, H.264 codec"
Let's assume for a moment that this rumour is true (there's every possibility that it is a fake). If the D300s had a sensor from the D300 but with a faster processor then would the D300s have a faster frame readout speed than the D300? As I understand it, the frame readout speed is a function of the sensor itself, not a function of the processor. I suspect that a faster processor would allow the camera to demosaic and downsample more elegantly than previous Nikon cameras (which did nasty things like row-skipping etc) but that the frame readout speed will remain slow.

My hunch is that the D300s will have nasty rolling shutter. Are there any reasons to believe otherwise?!?

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