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Ryan Spicer May 20th, 2004 03:18 PM

[PV DV953] Reputable Places to Buy?
Please lock/delete this thread if it violates the community TOS, but I think I'm okay because I'm searching for a product that I've already searched for and can't find on any of the sponsors' websites.

I'm looking to purchase a Panasonic DV-953 camera. I found a price of $710 at A&M Photo World in NYC, but when I contacted them about the order they told me that the package didn't include a battery, and was a "Non-US model" without a manufacturer's warranty. They wanted to sell me a $999 package with the battery, an external charger, and 3rd-party warranty. This sounded VERY not-kosher to me, and thus I asked them to cancel the transaction.

Amazon carries the same camera, but for $1,200, and that's frankly out of my price range. Is there anywhere I can look for an American version of the camera with a warranty and the full kit (battery, etc) that might be at a more reasonable price?

Frank Granovski May 20th, 2004 04:06 PM

If B&H hasn't any left, try buydig.com and onecall.com. If you come across a dealer you're not sure about, check them out here:


Also, there's one fellow here who is selling his almost brand new MX5000, because he's got cancer. He's on "chemo."

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