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Tom Johnson February 11th, 2006 12:28 PM

Please Help with major decision!!!
I all I'm posting in hopes some might make a few suggestions to someone about to enter the buisness as a profession. I've saved my dollars and am ready to buy when i am confident which avenue to take. The site is great but so confusing with all the options and opinions. I am lookng to do corporate videos for local clientele as well as motorsports and events. Looking to stay pc based for a computer but am really stuck with weather to go with sd or hdv. I have like 10,000 to play with in getting going and want to spend it wisely but also look forward to the future. I'd like to spend at most 3400 on camera. been intrested in the dvx-100's and gl-1...what do i do do i go hdv and get a h1 or z1.....so confused ...also going to stick with vegas video 6 for a while...good idea or not ...I am not trying to make a million dollars my first year but would like to do some stuff that would have the camera pay for itself ya know

Don Bloom February 11th, 2006 04:24 PM

I can't speak for anyone else but for the corporate work I 've been doing for many years and in particular last year and what is booked for this year not one single client has asked about HD-not one! These are not little companies nor are they under financed-many of them are major major companies that have very large budgets and do seminars, training vids and "conventions" frequently and I've been lucky enough to get a good portion of their work-the people I deal with are quite knowledgable about video and although we have had many conversations about HD they have never once suggested that they want it and AAMOF, I've even come right out and asked and they've all said the same thing-"too new-not quite there yet-maybe in a year or 2. Now having said that please keep in mind that that is what is happening for me, perhaps others are getting an opposite reaction. Frankly right now, I'm not worrying about HD.
As for editing, I use Vegas, love it and frankly won't go back to anything. If a client asks what I edit with I tell them and thats the end of it. No one questions my software-as long as the finished product is up to the quality they want.

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