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Panasonic DVX / DVC Assistant
The 4K DVX200 plus previous Panasonic Pro Line cams: DVX100A, DVC60, DVC30.

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Need major help! AAAAGh!!!!

Have the DVX100...footage looks great when watching it straight from camera to TV or through view finder.

Here are my problems:

1) Using ULEAD Media Studio Pro 6.0 to create an MPEG2 so I can create a DVD.

I create the MPEG 2 file and played through Windows Media or something else it looks real "zippery" around the edges.

Someone told me that's just the Windows Media CODEC and when I burn it to DVD it will look fine.

Well I burnt it to DVD using Ulead DVD Movie Factory 2.0 and using the Philips DVD+R RW 120 Min, 4.7GB Single sided DVD.

first of all this disc WON'T play in my regular Toshiba DVD player, and even though it plays in my Laptop DVD player the footage is real zippery around the edges and looks like crap!!!

What am I doing wrong here?

Why won't this DVD+R dvd play in my regular Toshiba DVD drive? What kind of recordable DVDs are you guys having luck playing in your regular home entertainment DVD systems?

And secondly, how do I get rid of this zippery effect? I just want my rendered footage to look as good as my footage right off the camera!

Please help I'm going to shoot myself I've tried everything!!!!
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Have you ever played any other DVD-Rs (or +Rs) that you've burned in your stand-alone Toshiba player? Some players prefer one format over another, and even the brand of disc or the program used to create the DVD can be a factor. DVD recordable is not a 100% compatible format.

For example, DVDs created with Dazzle's DVD Complete will lock up my set-top Toshiba player, but will play fine in my cheap Mintek 1600 (which also plays MP3s on DVD-R, nice bonus!)

(And forgive the "gumby" question, but did you author a DVD or just burn the mpeg2 to a DVD? I assume that since you used Movie Factory that you authored the DVD, but one never knows...)

One good site for DVD+/- R info is You might want to check out their dvd player combatibility list at -- they have user-posted lists of brand and format compatibility. They also have another section of user reviews of different brands of DVD +/- R at

As for the "zippery" edges -- this might just be overscan.(maybe?) Computers will often show the full video image, including overscan areas, while TVs will typically crop that off. I typically get "jagged edges" when recording a program off of television or VHS onto my hard drive, but I've never seen overscan jaggies on self-made video.
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Never tried a DVD+R on my toshiba home DVD player...just assumed they would work and work better than DVD-R. The problem is I'm creating this 10 minute video that I hoped to put on DVD that is being sent out to 50 different churches (it's a promotional video for a small church in need of support from bigger churches).
Anyhow, you can imagine 50 different churches would have 50 different DVD players. Just looking for a brand either DVD-R or DVD+R that would give me my best success factor across the board.

With regards to the zippery thing and my video looking jagged when moving...I've created full AVI files and then dumped them back onto the DVX100, plugged them into my TV and they still look that way.

Then someone said that with the MPEG-2 video that the DVD players have better codecs then software MPEG-2 players and a real DVD player on a real TV should show it without issue, but I can't get that to work because of the first issue.

Who knows..but it's really frustrating..I can't be creating "professional" video with crappy zippery effects on all of the moving video. Is this native to the whole MiniDV thing? I've been told to try updated/different Codecs, etc. Any ideas?
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ULead cannot convert DVX100's 2:3:3:2 pull down. That is why your getting the zip look.

The setting you are looking for is called Advanced 2:3:3:2 pulldown removal. Then after your down export it with pulldown.
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Tom, your reply intrigues me.

I used the DVX100 on the presetting of F5, which was 24fps, but normal mode. I didn't use 24fps Advanced.

Does this still matter?

What Windows based editing program would you advise I use? I have Premiere 6.5 but dont know a lot about it. Ulead Media Studio Pro 6 seemed easier.

I've heard about the pull down thing but don't know if that applies if I use 24fps regular mode which is really 29.97 fps or whatever.

Any advice is appreciated.
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Check this thread and others at the top of our forum
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The only time it really matters is when you use 24pa, which is Advance this where you get the real film look if you did your lighting right. However when using this setting there are very few applications that can convert. The following are Vegas Video, Avid, and FCP4.

Being that FCP 4 is said to be the best at this time for the conversions. Avid of course had this from the start a long time ago yet who has 24,000 for the complete system, thatís why so many go the Public Access Route. Working there you are able to use their Avid systems and most have DVCPRO.

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