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Chip Thome June 25th, 2012 10:53 PM

Sigma 19mm and 30mm for M4/3
I see Sigma is now shipping a 19 and 30mm both in f2.8 for M4/3 as well as for NEX.

Anyone have any knowledge of these, own them, borrowed them, used them at all ???

Amazon has prices of $199 and $209 respectively and reviews don't seem to suck....well not too much anyways.

Input before I hit the Buy button ???

Chip Thome June 26th, 2012 12:52 AM

Re: Sigma 19mm and 30mm for M4/3
Well no one stopped me......so ordered the 19mm just now. :-)

Thomas Smet June 26th, 2012 10:52 AM

Re: Sigma 19mm and 30mm for M4/3
Typically people want as fast of primes that they can get. This means they usually go for the F1.8 or faster lenses. The Sigmas are nice if you are on a budget. If money isn't really a problem then the other M4/3 wide lens options out there are better.

This is true of lenses for any type of camera. The faster it is the more expensive it is. F3.5 or slower lenses tend to be dirt cheap. F2.8 a little more expensive but still decently priced. F1.8 to f0.95 be prepared to sell a kidney.

In good light the lens doesn't matter nearly as much since even F5.6 is too bright is most bright light situations. It is as soon as you get indoors and the lights go down that you want as fast as you can get.

With that said for whatever dumb reason most M4/3 lenses on Amazon just went up at least 20%. Thats nuts. Stock must be getting low again. At this rate the Sgimas may really be your best option unless you really need the low light.

Chip Thome June 26th, 2012 02:50 PM

Re: Sigma 19mm and 30mm for M4/3
Thanks Thomas!

I agree with all you said, given my druthers, of course f1.4. I have the 25 f1.4 and my only beech with it is there is no OIS like there is on the 45 f2.8. If I have the choice of using either one of those, I much prefer the 45. Be it that it's sharper, or the OIS, or whatever the real reason is, I seem to get better images from it.

Before I popped on the Sigma last night I pulled up some images I had shot here in the house and checked stops and ISO to see what I had actually used. I found most of the images below F2 were toward the blown out range if it was ISO 100. A couple of my best images were very underexposed, but brought up in RAW and were f2.8 at ISO 100. When I boosted to ISO 800, then the cam went F4.5.

So IF the quality of this is any good, I am thinking for my use, I can make f2.8 work.

What is really surprising me is with the price point so stupid cheap, one would think a lot of people would at least be talking about them. That's not the case, at least not what I have been able to find. That I find pretty weird indeed. :-)

Chip Thome June 28th, 2012 04:12 PM

Re: Sigma 19mm and 30mm for M4/3
2 Attachment(s)
One is the $199 Sigma 19mm, the wider looking one and the other is the $550 Lumix 25mm both to f2.8 and both at 1/25 shutter. The Lumix has .7ev the Sigma has none.

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