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Dan Brockett March 5th, 2015 10:42 AM

AVC Intra 200 with FCP 7?
Hi all:

I have not made the transition to FCPX yet, sad to say, I am still on FCP 7.03 A client recently gave me some AVC Intra 200 footage shot on the AJ-PX270. When I try to ingest the footage through Log & Transfer, I see the thumbnails but there is no preview and the footage will not ingest, there is a red exclamation point in the status window. I have successfully edit AVC Intra footage in the past, I believe it was AVC Intra 100 though.

I downloaded MXF4Mac Player V 2.5.5 from Hamburg Pro Media. This player will open and play the files fine but the "Export" and "Save as .MOV" settings are grayed out. I scanned their site and cannot find any plug in or app I need to buy to able to export. I also have Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. All it will do is open the picture mortion .MXF files and export single frames, I don't know why, but it is consumer looking software and not very intuitive. Maybe I have something set incorrectly?

I am planning on upgrading to FCPX very soon but this project has a deadline and it will take me at least a few days, which I don't have, to get up to speed in FCPX.

1. Is it possible to ingest and edit AVC Intra 200 files with FCP 7.03?
2. Is there a good stand alone converter that will read and combine the the .MXF video and audio clips in the P2 structure and then export Pro Res 422 or 422 HQ?

My P2 knowledge stopped with the HPX300 so I am not up to speed on the latest. I just need to know if editing this 270 footage is possible with what I have or do I need to just bite the bullet and switch to FCPX right now?



Daniel Epstein March 5th, 2015 07:05 PM

Re: AVC Intra 200 with FCP 7?
Hey Dan,
Not sure if Panasonic has updated Final Cut 7 plug in for Avcintra 200. Did you set the Avcintra preference to convert to Pro Res. The white paper they have for mentions FCP X and FCP 7 but not which can handle which


This link might help as it seems to offer a path

Convert/Edit Panasonic AJ-PX270 AVC Intra MXF to FCP X/7/6 with ProRes Codec | MXF File/Video Converter

Dan Brockett March 8th, 2015 07:02 PM

Re: AVC Intra 200 with FCP 7?

Your suggestion was so helpful. I paid the $30.00 to download the Aieesoft MXF Convertor and it is working perfectly to convert the AVC Intra 200 into Pro Res HQ clips. I had downloaded several other "free" .MXF conversion utilities and none of them worked correctly, they were speeding up the clips, single framing, not hunting down and linking the audio files. The Aieesoft actually does what it is supposed to do and it was cheap.

Thank you!


Daniel Epstein March 11th, 2015 07:35 AM

Re: AVC Intra 200 with FCP 7?
Hey Dan your welcome. Glad it worked. If you are ever in NY let me know

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