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Randy Johnson November 30th, 2012 06:01 PM

Comer 1800 battery
I have a comer 1800 I am about to buy another one. I have a battery question though I currently am using Anton/Bauer to power it but I am trying to phase out my Anton/bauer stuff so I am using the Sony battery to power it BUT they weight is becoming a factor. Is there a external "Cradle" for the Sony batterys that give it a dtap connection? My plan is to buy the large sony battery but mount it in the back of the camera then use the cable to the front.

Arthur Gannis November 30th, 2012 08:23 PM

Re: Comer 1800 battery
There are "cradles" made for using 2 of the Sony L series batteries with the power tap AB plug for use with 14.4V DC in cameras. Since your camera is a one battery ( 7.2V ) , you will never see a single battery that has a 14.4 v DC AB tap connector, as that connector wants to 'see" 14.4 V going into it. Another great alternative is this: S-8972 DV Battery with DC Output for Sony NP-F970/770
as you can see, the battery has a barrel or pole connector ( 2.1 X 5.5mm) that the light can tap into.
Just remember that the power (watts) draw from BOTH the light AND the camera TOGETHER may shorten the run time of that battery by half or more. What I REALLY suggest is this : S-7200F Bracket with DV Battery Mount for Sony (NP-F770/970)
Now you can place the video light battery way behind the front area for stability and get the most run time from your camera. A shoulder bracket will easily put that "battery sled" behind you. If you have a smallish camera a great bracket and low cost is this one: You can also check out Dolgin engineering for other hard to find stuff. Another good source is Linkdelight for cool accessories.

Randy Johnson December 3rd, 2012 10:41 AM

Re: Comer 1800 battery
Awesome! thats just what I was looking for. they have them for Panasonic batterys too which is perfect because thats the camera I have.

Arthur Gannis December 3rd, 2012 09:33 PM

Re: Comer 1800 battery
If you are going to run the camera AND the LED light together from one battery, just be aware that the run time will be shortened considerably. LED light work in a peculiar manner when it comes to power draw versus run time. If you dim the light just by 25% which is not all that much, you will probably gain like 50% or more run time. That's because they operate in a non-linear manner when it comes to current draw. I myself have the battery sled that allows a dedicated battery for the light which is placed behind the camera on the shoulder rest. I don't feel the weight at all, and it gives me the peace of mind to know I will have at least an hour's worth of light at full brightness without leeching juice from the camera's battery. If your sessions are short in duration, then go for it. Good luck.

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